Looking for WP music discography theme - possible freelancer needed

I’m seeking something very similar to the Joomla extension found here: https://www.joomlathat.com/music-collection but for Wordpress. I’d much rather have it as a built in theme feature rather than just a plugin though. Is there such a theme that closely mirrors the above link? OR, if you’re an experienced WP developer, what cost range would you change to closely duplicate the above into either an existing WP template and also the cost for it built from the ground up?

Followup: I basically have a huge music collection and would like to catalog it all privately for friends to view . I would not be needing the ability to allow music downloads, only cataloging.

It all depends what you want. You need to write detail specifications and I will give you and offer. It is hard to say price by one link because people often don’t want all option just some one parts and put other functions.

I have done many great wp websites, plugins and scripts. In case In case of interest, you can drop me an email and send me your complete details. I will help out and will deliver excellent results at your project

Hi @CJDias72 ,

My name is Simrandeep and I am a WordPress Developer. I am interested to collaborate with you on this Music Collection Mangement WordPress Website Development project. To get started, you can message me through my Envato Studio profile page.Have a look at my profile over here.

Alternatively, you can also message me through my Themeforest Profile contact form to start a discussion. Want to check my recent projects? Visit my Themeforest Portfolio.

Looking forward to work with you.

Best Regards
Simrandeep Singh