Looking for a theme/plugin for a Soundtrack catalogue website

Hi guys,

i’m looking for a theme, or a plugin (for wordpress), to make a soundtrack catalogue.
The website should be browsable by mood, genre, category, have the player in it and let the user register/login, search for a soundtrack with filters in the database, play songs and eventually download for free with an audio watermark.
Also the user has to be able to pay and download the full resolution wave file with license.

Something like premiumbeat

Is there anybody who can help me? Also some developer/theme developer who can do this for me, we will talk about budget.

Thank you.

I just wanted to add that i lost the customer, because somebody on this forum answered me privately, we shared infos, keynote and all the stuff to have a quotation.
Than this guy was gone.

No answers, no whatsapp, no anything.

I don’t want to do a public inquisition, so i will not tell the name of the developer of worse, of the agency.
But just inform that this is not correct, I LOST the customer, and all the customers who this customer would bring me.

this is not a nice way to work, it would be nicer to have an email that inform me that you cannot follow this task no more.