Word Press Custom Filter Themes (for Posts)

Hi All!

Would like to ask if anyone has come across any themes that is similar to this page:


Where upon clicking on the “MORE” button, filters/categories will be displayed and the options (for me posts) shown below the filter/categories bar will change accordingly to reflect the multiple radio buttons clicked on.

Dont need 5 filters as shown in the example, just need 3!

Much appreciated :smile:


Thats a wordpress theme filter! i can customize if you show any theme that hasn’t this kind of feature.


Sorry I’m really new to this!

Haha you mean its a filter that’s on the themes wordpress has on its website (talking abt online creation of wordpress sites and not the downloaded version!)

Or its in the downloaded version, whereby i need to have a domain and host etc before creating my wordpress?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yeah the functionality isn’t downloaded version as they represent their theme respority by that filter, you can search here lot of themes have this kind of filtration. Mostly Portfolio section themes have this feature.

Yeah you need to buy a theme and you need to buy Domain + Hosting to setup wordpress theme. For further more help contact me here: abdullah.media [@] gmail.com

I just found these themes that have what you want with filter and ajax Load:




Woah thanks!

Emailed :slight_smile:

Just replied, check email.