WP Theme - A searchable database directory. IMDB but not movies

GOAL: Maintain a database/catalog of items (not for purchase) defined by categories and tags that the user can easily search for from the home page, and filter the results based on custom taxonomies and data types.

Front-end database entry is also needed, (but can be done via plugins).

I like the look of a lot of the directory themes available (big search bar as the feature), but they are generally designed around location scouting and finding hotels, restaurants and businesses.

There are a couple of movie database themes that pull data from IMDB and display the results in a nice looking grid. That is similar to what I need but they do not look very customizable. And all data will be entered manually, not pulled externally.
I quite like this theme: http://demo.themeum.com/wordpress/moview/ but don’t want the star ratings, and would need to be able to edit the custom post types. And the search function needs to search all tags, categories, titles, etc.

To give some context, the database will be of different music software packages, filterable by developer and/or category/s.

You search the term, results are shown, you browse through the results.
I feel like I’m overlooking something because this seems so simple to me yet am having trouble finding what I want.


You will not find such template. You will need to connect your site with IMDB API if you want to import and search.
Also you will need strong web server which will all handle you cannot put on some cheap shared hosting.
And you will need some good budget because whole site will be custom made.

If you are interesting you can contact me.


If you have found something similar (features) what you need, it’d be much more easier to work on that theme
Drop me an email if you’re interested in