Looking for a movies/series theme

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a theme to my movies’/series’ critics website, it has to contain ajax search and post categories filter that I can configure to look like the makeup I created on photoshop (screenshot 1).

Any suggestion?

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Hello there,

I stumbled across your post, and thought that I’d give you some advise.

I currently run a Movies/TV-Shows/Television Review website. (https://insomniacs.website)

We have purchased multiple Themes, Plugins, and probably tried every one out there. At first i purchased Sequex Theme from Envato. Which is great, but it only has Movies. So i then purchased a Plugin for TV-Shows. Which would not run, as it conflicted with the Theme. So I contacted the Developer of the Plugin, to Customize the Plugin to work with the Theme. (If that makes sense)

A week or so ago, i purchaed the Blockter Wordpress Theme. And It has more than met my expectations. The layout, and the amount of options/details are phenominal. It also has a Celebrity Showcase, when you add a Movie/Show, it also pulls in the Cast, and creates a profile for them, with all the info of the cast. And the images for the Cast/Celebrity, isn’t stored on your server. It uses TMDB image Avatar.

When inserting a Movie or Show, it’s just a search and hit… And it pulls the Movie Overview, Cast, Trailer, Review tab, Movie image, aswel as the background image. And i have to say it looks amazing, and i genuinely can’t fault it. The Author is also extremely helpful, and swift with replying to any questions you have.

So my advise would be to look into the Blockter Theme. As it’s genuinely faultless. The other thing avout the Blockter Theme, is the Author is planning further additions.

Another great thing, is when you purchase any Theme, from anywhere, you get 6 months Support. And have to pay to extend that support. With the Blockter Theme, you get lifetime support, which is a blessing.

Sorry for the huge post. But I felt i could give you some advise, as I’ve tried a lot of the Themes. Blockter is the only Theme you would need to suit your needs.


Hello Insomniacs,

Thank you so much for advise. That was so sweet from you taking from your time to help me out…
You rock ! Have a wonderful day!

Best regards

WP Themes
SKRN - Media Streaming App WordPress Theme
AmyMovie - Movie and Cinema WordPress Theme
Formota - Movie Studios & Filmmakers WordPress theme
Movify – Movies and Cinema WordPress Theme
at themeforest

HTML Template

SKRN - Media Streaming App Template
Movie,Video & TV Show HTML Template
ENTOURAGE - Movie/Film/Cinema Template
Movie Pro - Film and TV Show HTML Template
Movify - Movies, TV Shows & Cinema HTML Template
BigShow - Movie / Film / Cinema Template
Moviepoint - Online Movie,Vedio and TV Show HTML5 Template
FlixGo – Online Movies, TV Shows & Cinema HTML Template
Tenguu Cinema - Movie theatre HTML Template
at themeforest

Laravel Scripts
Next Hour - Movie Tv Show &Video Subscription Portal Cms
at codecanyon.net

And here’s a link to the theme if you’re interested :smiley:

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this would also be an excellent theme and option AmyMovie - Movie and Cinema WordPress Theme