Looking for a TV - Guide Plugin or TV Shows Plugin

Hi everyone,
I am new to Evato, and this is my first ever post, so i hope that I am posting in the correct place.

I have recently purchased the Sequex Movie Theme, from Evato. (And what a great Theme it is) I am extremely happy with it, and still in the process, of putting my site together. My site is a Movies/TV Review website.

With the Sequex Theme, it comes with an amazing TMDB Plugin, so adding data, and Movie reviews is a breeze, as the Theme Developer has well documented the Theme, and has been very swift in helping me when needed.

I am going to upgrade my account to the Premium Monthly account this week.

I have started to put the Movies section of my website together. But I’m really struggling to find a decent TV Shows Plugin, where i can leave TV-Show or general TV listing reviews.

There is some Plugins around, but all the ones I have tried don’t seem to work. .

Last night i purchased the IMDB for WordPress. But sadly, it is nothing what i expected it to be. It just adds a little box, with the IMDB Rating. No images, or Overview, or information. Also, when you click on any of the IMDB For WordPress TV Show posts, it directs the visitor to the IMDB website, where they can then read the review. The problem is, i want my website to hold the information, and don’t see the point in using a plugin, which just directs your visitors to a different website. And also only has very minimal informstion and is literally just a box, with the image of the TV Show.

Is anyone aware of any TV or TV Show Plugins, that i can purchase, and use?

In regards to TV there isn’t many plugins out there. And have struggled to find one for TV Shows, or even one that is a TV Schedule, or TV-Guide.

Any advise, would be greatly appreciated. I have loved using Evato so far… And I’m certainly impressed with the Sequex Theme. That Egemenerd has made… I am looking for any Plugins which are for TV Entertainment and information. If anyone has any suggestions. I would be very grateful.

Kindest Regards.

Hi Insomniacs-builds !

I have understood your requirements but it will be a custom TV guide plugin. Will make for you as per your requirements. I can deliver excellent results as per your specifications & requirements. It will be a custom plugin development. Please share your complete details via email. In email i will send you references of work i have done similar a few weeks ago.

There are very few plugins for TV entertainment and information. So i can make it a new plugin for you from scratch.