Broken plugins and Themes

Yesterday WordPress 4.5 was released, the Beta was available to everyone from the 3rd of March.
I find it incredibly bad business to have one of your top plugins and one of your top themes both spend over 24 hours broken as they didn’t play well with 4.5.
Since the Beta was out for over a Month, there should be no issues and updates should have been waiting to be posted last night.
Five of my Major plugins were ready and waiting.
Thank you for the loss of a day and a half’s work, I now have to do all the updates again as we have had to roll back 90% of our clients as they all use the Plugin.


A lot of authors will wait until a stable version is released.

As you stated, “BETA” has been available, which means it is not yet stable.

Once a stable version is released, authors will then usually review it thoroughly before submitting an update.

Furthermore, if you’ve issues, you should be contacting the author directly and not the community forums.

There’s not a lot of assistance people can offer you here.