Theme with out of date plugins and no way to update - Not Impressed



Hey Folks
I bought a theme, installed it and find out several of the plugins need to be updated before I can use this theme.
I can’t update the plugins , I contacted the theme developer and he said the plugins are under his license and I have to wait for the theme to be updated.
I have asked a couple of times when that will happen and I get no reply.

I have wasted a ton of time, and I have a client asking where there site is and how come I am not making progress,

Is this a normal situation?
I am now leery to purchase another theme as I am unsure if its another dud and waste of time and money.

At this point the theme is useless
Is there any way to get a refund on half baked themes?
Thanks for your input


Dear smokey99,
It is the envato policy that the author should be the one with licence. I am sorry that you have to wait but look at the bright side, some times it is some inconsistency between themes and newest versions of plugins, maybe this is taking long because your developer is trying to solve this issue instead of giving you a semi functional plugin(trust me many authors do that). I don’t see how it is preventing you from completing your website, outdated plugins should not do that. Is there anything I can help you with, you seem frustrated.