Please share experience about WordPress Review time.

I just submit a new theme after 4+ months. According to site the review time of WordPress is 1 day like 1.5 years.

For me now it’s 6 days with no response.
Thanks in advance.

I also uploaded my wp theme last Saturday, still no responsive. Maybe Corona Pandemic causes for this delay. Be patience

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Thanks for the reply.
Best Regards.

My first submit was 5 days. after that, I thought it was a mistake by me. after deleting the file again I have submitted it. still, 4th day going on.
I don’t know what going on.

The numbers are false, as a lot of people are experiencing long review times, I myself have been waiting for 6 days.

The page says 1 day for new WordPress items, and a lot of people have been waiting for 5+ days

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I provided the link on my post from the beginning :grinning:

lol guys

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Now 11 Days for Me.

lol guys #2

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8 days for our new WP theme for each soft reject :frowning:
Please fix this dear Envato Team.





9 Days

I have no problem waiting, I would just like an accurate review turnaround time so I can make better business/marketing/development/schedule decisions.

If I know there is a long turnaround I can plan for it. I can take on the small freelance projects or start on another theme or get through some of my “to be reads”. When you have a wildly inaccurate review time you end up in limbo not sure whether to make plans, start on a project or wait.

Theme reviewers do a very good job of what is, I imagine, a thankless task. Accurate review times will go a long way to ease the stress of developers and reviewers.


Yes, an official response will be better.



Same here, its taking too long and an official response would be nice now, or an update to the official review time page.

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I got 10+ Soft reject

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Anyone got a response yet? 16 days and counting here

It seems they have recently changed their policy, so there is a difference between the past years

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Hi there,

I want to migrate this website and would like to install this theme for this website. So before I install this theme, I would like to know does this theme have fixed all the errors? Please let me know!

17 days counting