Broadcast use is not allowed meaning

I read all the terms of music licenses to buy, but there is a question. If I create some separate clips with the Audiojungle music and use one of them in a direct or live program, do you block it or not? Do I have permission to use your music in these situations?
If not, what are the conditions to use your music in a direct or live program?

Hey @martinmiciciday! Welcome to the forums!

If your clip or segment is being broadcasted on a live program (i.e. aired on TV or radio) you’ll need an extended license indeed. If the potential audience size (note that potential audience is not related to how many viewers the program actually has according to the rating points but to the potential reach it could eventually have) is below 10 Million you are fine with a Music Broadcast License (10 Million). If it’s above that, you’ll need to purchase a Music Broadcast & Film License.

Licences chart

Music Broadcast License (10 Million),form%20part%20of%20this%20license.

Music Broadcast & Film License

I personally went through situations like these in the past and in some cases the cost of the extended licenses was splitted between the content creator and the network or the show production, but that’s up to you.

Hope it helps! :slight_smile: Cheers!


thank you for your valuable guidance.
It means I don’t need the Music Broadcast License because my audience is less than a million.
Is that right?

Hi again! :slight_smile:

Any project that is going to be broadcast on TV or radio needs an extended license. If you are completely and positively sure that the potential audience size is less than 1 Million, then with the Music Broadcast Licence (1 Million) you will be fine. You can read further on the allowances and limitations of that license here.

The standard license covers most web uses, but not broadcasting.

Hope that clears it out! :slight_smile:

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thank you;
yes, I got it.:+1:

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