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I’m Minghui from Singapore a freelance video editor. I’m currently doing a 30 seconds video for a client and the video will be aired on subscription cable tv in Singapore. The video will be airing for 12 days till the end of the year 2018.

I’m looking around audiojungle and there are a few license options. As it will be played on cable tv which is subscription based, I’m wondering if i do look for a music in audiojungle. would 1million target audiences be the correct license to purchase.

Thank you.

Hi Minghui.

It depends on the number of people your video have the potential to reach (maximum possible) throughout the 12 days of broadcasting. Do you have any numbers of that?

In most customer cases the Music Broadcast 10 Million or Music Broadcast & Film are the licenses needed.

It is often confusion about this, I have started using this explanation on my items:

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Hi Mojo Soundtrack Music,

I have a client that have gotten a spot to broadcast the video that I have done for 12 days on its subscription based cable TV and they plan to outreach to targeted audiences in entrepreneurship within Singapore.

Thank you.

Based on Singapore´s population at 5.6 Million I would guess the Broadcast 10 Million License is the correct license for you but I can´t confirm this without knowing the exact numbers you are potentially able to reach with your video and the cable TV subscription.

What do you think @PurpleFogSound @redoctopus ?

Hello Minghui,

As @MojoSoundtrackMusic said, the potential reach, or number of people who can access a broadcast determines the license that is required.

For subscription based cable TV, the number of subscribers is what matters. If the channel has less than 1 million subscribers, then the broadcast license (1 million) is enough. If there are more than a million subscribers, then the broadcast license (10 million) is required.

If the channel is available through more than one cable subscription, you would have to add up those subscribers, to determine the total potential reach.

Hope it helps! Feel free to ask for clarifications if needed :slight_smile:


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