Broadcast licenses... yet again!


Is it legal? Sure. Is it allowed as per Envato’s terms and policies? Certainly not. Is it a lame way to appear more competitive while giving the finger to your whole community? You bet it is!


You cannot make that assertion. Depending on the case, buyers may be responsible for paying performance royalties. Some broadcasters are indeed buyers here. Restaurant or bar owners are responsible for paying performance royalties. Some of them exclusively buy performance royalty-free music because they want to avoid paying PROs. Same thing with event planners,… These cases are in the minority of course, but they do exist.

As for AdRev, this is fear mongering plain and simple. No there is no legal issue when using AdRev registered music. Envato has asked several authors to remove such texts (those texts were very similar to this one… same author?). Since non registered music, especially those that are advertised as such, are easy target for claim usurpers, they absolutely cannot guarantee there won’t be any issue, as legal problems do arise from such situation where author is not the claimant.

You should definitely report the author to support. But I don’t think this has any impact on the type of broadcast license buyers choose.


@BenLeong It’s now been 2 weeks since you told us you were looking into this broadcast license issue. Where are you at with it?

When can we expect a serious clarification of the terms regarding the audience size? (putting the adjective “intended” in bold does nothing to clarify what it means)

If you personally don’t want to take care of this, can we at least have a designated staff member we can exchange on the matter with?


Yes, you are right, but there is Royalty free music, not Performance Royalty Free music and it changes everything. I don’t know if it’s common, but in my country restaurant or bar owners paying a blanket license fee for everything they play no matter what it is, not for a specific piece of music, except if it is some event or concert etc. then they have to point out all tracks being performed… unless they buy performance royalty-free license for music from a service providing that type of music and play it as a background music. If this author can’t provide a proper license for performance royalty free music, all owners of restaurants, bars will have to pay additional fees anyway, because they can’t show to their PRO that this is not their jurisdiction.


Not only wrong, but also misleading. It labels Authors who are registered with AdRev and PROs as dishonest and dubious while this is absolutely not true. These systems help us to get payed and prevent our music to get stolen.

This is Incredibly bad class.I have no idea who this top seller is, but this Author needs to be checked out by Envato support. Seems like putting items to 5$ isn’t enough anymore. Unprofessional.


@BenLeong, it’s been 11 days since my last post. No response from you whatsoever. Now, I know you have more important things to do, such as set up the Halloween costume contest, but this is important as well.

You told us in this very thread, about a month ago, that you were going to involve different teams to tackle the issue. Where are you guys at? Which teams are involved in this? Are there going to be talks with authors? Can we have an ETA at least on the rewording of the “audience size”?

Please don’t ignore us. This issue could be fixed very easily. There is no reason for Envato to slow things down like you guys are doing. In the meantime, we are losing money, maybe that’s acceptable for your company. For authors, it can mean the difference between eating or starving.


Above is the recommended prices for a normal track versus a music kit. They are both showing VERY low max prices in the recommended range. I would say though the Music kit prices looks a little more healthy compared to normal track pricing.

@BenLeong The point is: Could the recommended prices be updated all together? At least the max recommended number. As mentioned earlier in this thread, just remove recommended prices at all could maybe work too. Right now the recommended prices make more harm than good because of the super low price roof. Times have changed and AJ is not just the MacDonald´s of music licensing anymore, people also come here to browse unique and outstanding high quality music they can´t find anywhere else.

For example instead of $15-$20 Recommended Music Standard License, it could be $15-$59 or $20-$99 or something like that. We have a competition site that sells $99 tracks as a standard price to put it in perspective. All the max recommended prices are way to low in all licenses, at the minimum double/triple these max recommended prices to reach something acceptable.

Yesterday I sold a Music Broadcast License (1 million) for $199. Last month @PurpleFogSound sold a Film and Broadcast License for $999. These are examples of the kind of money Envato and Authors are loosing out on because of the unclear broadcast presentation. Not to mention all the money that is lost by the current $20 max recommended Music License Standard price which most authors “blindly” follow!

Thank you so much for diving into this Ben! These small changes can make a big difference for all of us.


Ten more days have passed, and still not a word from you @BenLeong!! It’s been over a month since you posted in this thread, what’s going on?! Communication breakdown!

First, let me tell you that your completely ignoring authors like you’re doing in this thread is very rude and unprofessional. Thank you for showing us the contempt envato has for their authors.

The issue at end is both consequential for authors and easily fixable by Envato. The clarification of the audience size only requires some small text modifications. It does not require modifications in the interface, there is no coding involved, and most importantly it doesn’t go against your business model. So why isn’t anything done? Is it just due to incompetence, or is there something more sinister at play here?

To my fellow authors, this issue concerns all of us. We are being cheated out of a lot of money, because of this. Every time you sell a 1 million broadcast license, you’re most likely losing on what you should be owed. This situation should not be allowed. There is no other reason for this other than Envato’s apathy. We pay a hefty author fee, yet we’re not getting a run for our money, if we’re not getting even basic communication, and a licensing system that’s clear and respected.


@PurpleFogSound I realise that you are frustrated by this, but please consider that throwing around accusations of contempt and incompetence are out of line here. I’ve raised this with our product managers, but have not had any further developments to post about in this thread.

Please take this to official channels via the support centre: open a ticket and the Author Support team will follow up on this for you.

I have attempted to help via internal contacts out of empathy and respect for all the authors in this thread, but I am not your best contact point: while I can raise issues with other teams and advocate for community concerns, my primary focus is on community marketing activities and major campaigns.


I’m not throwing accusations, I’m merely describing how your behavior makes us authors feel. What did you expect, after a month of you completely ignoring us? If you think that’s out of line, that’s your issue. These words, “contempt” and “incompetence”, that seem to have stung your pride, are the only thing that made you finally react and give us your status.

Who are they? Are they the people who have a say on this issue? Why haven’t they contributed to this thread? Can we have contact with them?

This is definitely not what you’ve shown us in this thread.

Honestly, I learned about your role yesterday thanks to a post of one of your colleague. We authors have no Envato contact anymore, we don’t know who to turn to.

I did know this was far from your domain of expertise, which is why I asked several time for the right contact who actually could help us on this issue:

Anyway, thank you for wasting our time.


Hi @benleong

+1 for having a product manager invited to this thread. Of course a help ticket can be opened but a lot of information get lost this way since we are a little group of authors in this thread who have ideas, small very doable ideas on how to improve things, rather quickly. We see the problem from different perspectives and can brainstorm in more constructive way if we have the discussion for further approach here in this thread I think.

Most of the ideas are really small and easily implementable, such as having the text in the different licenses changed a little. Just those tiny ideas like to have No Broadcast use in bold letters at the Music Standard License would have a positive impact.



@BenLeong I am sorry that you’ve felt offended. I understand your role and I am very thankful for your voluntary activeness on forum.

Please understand our point of view. Many community-active authors are frustrated because they want to work for the community, they spend a lot of time on proposing improvements and discussing, but usually they have zero feedback from a staff, excluding help center, which is very “corporative” and as short as possible. You are one of the very few who keep contact with us from time to time, which I deeply appreciate.

The biggest problem is that we don’t know who to contact with if we have some important issues to discuss about. So we write it on forum. And usually no one answers (besides of the official Envato posts). This is how frustration grows. I’m not sure how big corporation can solve that problem in such a big community, I’m only pointing it. It looks like authors activeness is way bigger than feedback they receive.