Broadcast licenses... yet again!


The frog did indeed. Though initially, buyer had gotten a $30 broadcast 1 million license (pre ADP). Had to find out on my own and asked them to get the correct license. Hence my persistence with this thread, and my getting infuriated with the lack of response and respect from Envato.

That’s the thing though. Putting numbers is where the confusion arises, as buyers tend to think it means the actual estimated audience of their show/ad/segment, instead of the total number of people that have access to a given channel. These different understandings have huge impacts on what licenses are bought. Nonetheless, your presentation of those numbers are much less confusing than Envato’s terms.

About that funny anecdote: When I asked Envato to intervene and make buyer get the correct license, they told me no, as I, the author, am the direct seller. Then I asked them to give me the buyer’s contact info, so I could deal with it. They told me no, because they had to protect the privacy of their customers. Hmm…


Envato is not the legal seller and it is not “their customer” The invoice says at the bottom:

Thanks for buying from(SteelSound) on Envato Market

I am the seller, not Envato. I have requested more detailed customer information from support…we’ll see what Envato does. As a side, I am not here to harass customers. That is great that someone had 1K to buy a license, but I am sorry, if they use the track to make a Samsung TV spot, I should be entitled to performance royalties and I may need customer assistance in getting that done. In this scenario too, the customer seems to be an advertising agency, Ultimately it would be the ADVERTISER - not the ad agency that would pay the performance royalties via the media buy. People probably wonder “Hmmm where do Performance royalties come from?” They come from the media buy. A small percentage of ad revenue goes to PRO’s so pros can pay rights holders royalties. Samsung and Toyota have billions and their media buys are massive.

My last comment to Envato if you are listening: these instances are rare, so they should not be neglected. A bit of tougher policy for the top tier broadcast license is not at all out of line. We’ve all heard you say “the reality is that broadcast licenses are not being sold that much here.” is not a good argument. My reality is that if executed properly this type of license may very well generate 3 years of “normal” AJ revenue just in performance royalties from an ad campaign.


Easy yes, but not cheap. Should big corporations be able to purchase Audiojungle items? Absolutely, but when I notice the 500 time that a production company played the middle man and bought a standard license, just so the endproduct gets aired on national TV in a big corporation spot, then I really get angry. These guys are keeping 90% of the price of a broadcast license and there is no system to get them responsible for their actions. “Oh another corporation needs an Ad, let’s quickly head over to AJ and screw them over. Again!”

Well if this is true, then shame on you Envato. Pure class.

AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

As temporary information while we wait for further progress in this thread, I´m thinking including something like this under my description of tracks:

Planning to broadcast this music? A quick explanation of the licenses:
Music Broadcast (1 Million) - Local Broadcasting
Music Broadcast (10 Million) - Regional Broadcasting
Music Broadcast & Film - National/International Broadcasting

Thank you!

What do you guys think? Can it be improved? I´m thinking as simple as possible with as few words as possible. Feel free to copy of course. Maybe IPI number can be included as a reminder as well.

EDIT: HTML code for those who are interested:

AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

That could help indeed. Though definitely not as efficient as something Envato would implement and generalized.

However, I do not agree with the Broadcast license (10 million) being defined as “National broadcasting”. Most countries have well over 10 million people. This keeps things muddy.


I think a lot of people will still overlook this don´t get me wrong, if you buy from the search engine you don´t even read the item description. But if 1 of 10 are inspired to choose a correct license its worth pasting it in for now.

I see your point with national being misleading for bigger countries. How about Regional/National for 10 million? Or any other ideas? Maybe Regional/National for 10 million license and National/International for the top license?


I don’t see any reason to associate 10 million with “National”. Regional is enough.

Countries smaller than 10 million are in the minority and are the exception among our buyers. 90% of buyers (not accurate figure for rhetorical purposes only) come from greater than 10 million countries. No need to give them an opportunity to pick the wrong license.
If buyers from smaller than 10 million countries want to spend less, they will pick up on the 10 million number and figure it out.


Ok cool, makes sense, I´ll update it.


Now it looks good :wink:
Though you should add “national” to the top license.

This is a great template, if many authors use it, the message may have a chance to stick with some buyers. I just don’t want it to be an excuse for Envato not to do anything.

Adding an IPI number, and also why not, a link to a pre-filled cue sheet pdf, is a great idea as well.


I will def start using this, good idea mate


Yes, thank You. Great idea!


So Envato is not willing to help us authors get more detailed information about the highest tiered License “Music Broadcast and Film”. I sold one for $999 but they will not provide a specific contact name at the agency to discuss paperwork for performance royalties via PRO’s.
They replied:
“I am afraid nothing has changed here in what we can do in terms of providing specific end user details or following up on their end use.”

I can try the hard way by e-mailing the ad agency to see if anyone will help.

Dear Envato we really need information on end usage. I can only assume that they will make an advertising campaign out of the track. It just would be nice if customers literally entered detailed end usage data at the point of purchase. TV Spot? Initial air date? Territory to air in? World? or Just one Country?

Envato please help us out for the highest tiered broadcast license. It really is not that inconvenient or demanding to ask for more details for the most expensive license. Prime time, High end media and advertising projects should be treated accordingly.


If you’re the seller (as Envato claims) then you HAVE the right to be able to get in touch with YOUR customers. No discussion. Envato, please clear this up.


Yes, We are the sellers but only Envato knows the real name of buyers (i.e. the person at the company)…or maybe they don’t. I have a company name, and City: Seoul, and Country: Korea, but no e-mail address or specific contact at the company. I’d say in most countries when someone buys something for $999 names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses are provided on the Bill of sale.

Envato, we are asking that at a minimum, on all broadcast license invoices, please print e-mail addresses and the name of the person at the company who is the authorized buyer so we can reach out. “Thank you for buying a broadcast license, I’d be grateful if you could e-mail a link to the TV spot on youtube and consider sending this advertising claim form to your country’s PRO, so I can possibly collect performance royalties each time the spot airs.”

If they help… great, if not…well at least we tried.


Don’t say things like that… You are SteelSound! Remember?!

The issue here is that Envato doesn’t trust his Authors and doesn’t want them to bother their (but also our) customers. I can understand that. I see everyday how unprofessional some Authors behave. But these customers are also our customers and Envato needs to clear this up once and for all: Who’s the seller? If we are the seller and the buyer buys a Standard License for a TV show or ad, then we have the right to contact the customer and demand that he buys the right license. Everything else doesn’t make any sense. We chose to upload our files to Envato, as an investment. What would be Envato without us Authors? It’s a partnership, but in this partnership we need to get heard.


Well trying to get cooperation from Korea when I am in the U.S.A. is only something I can nicely try to do. I have collected performance royalties many times for TV spots. It’s always much easier when the client is willing to lend a helping hand. In the USA it’s much easier to file a claim and collect without even contacting the client because I get data from competitrack. The PRO’s will honor that data. That in fact is the exact data they use to calculate performance royalties to writers and publishers. Competitrack does not survey Korea so I am at the mercy of Korea’s PRO most likely.

German clients have helped by filing the TV commercial meta data at GEMA. Huge, huge help and the results were lots of performance royalties. Super professional clients doing things right and respecting intellectual property rights is an added bonus. We all need our bonuses for big ad campaigns because they just don’t come around very often.


The GEMA in Germany is very strict with assigning the placements to the songwriter/composer, but they also charge an annual fee, aswell a fee for joining. I know how tricky it can be to claim royalties from a different country. As for providing data to PROs, I’ve mailed my PRO around 300 unclaimed placements, with all the relevant data. Will they claim it? I don’t know, they didn’t get back to me.


I don’t know if you were active here in 2015. when Envato moved to US and even when VAT was introduced, but these questions brought epic legal discussions back then.
I wouldn’t go there again to be honest, because it’s Pandora’s box.

It’s a very fragile and confusing system, and I think it’s better to leave it this way. Not worth changing it
just to get the buyer’s info, unless you want to charge VAT to EU buyers yourself, which is just one of the complications of having full control. :slight_smile:


It is clear as day that authors are the sellers. What is unethical about the arrangement is that Envato does not demand that authors know exactly who the buyer is on an invoice. We never get a full name, phone number, e-mail address, business address on our invoices. That is just wrong IMHO. Every invoice my studio sends to a client has all of our information including my full name and phone number and e-mail address.


Hmm. Interesting…and confusing.

What about this idea:

Would it help us?