Broadcast licenses... yet again!

It would be a great thing to have someone from the Envato team involved in this discussion. Is there any way to attract their attention? or is it a case of making enough noise until someone comes to see what all the fuss is about?

Sure. Can you propose some other definition which will be clearer? I’m not a native :slight_smile: In my opinion clearing the basic definition of broadcast audience size, which buyers find every time they buy broadcast license, is the first step to get more proper licenses. Asking staff for such a small text update might be easy and realistic. And I’m not sure if we, the community, are strong enough to quickly change buying interface more drastically at this moment.

We used to have staff we could reach out to. There used to be real communication with Envato. Nowadays it’s more about making a fuss, and it usually doesn’t work.

It would be great indeed if we could have a discussion with the broadcast license expert(s), if there is still one (my guess is there isn’t).

I’m not a native either, and I don’t think I could come up with a clearer explanation myself. I don’t think a native speaker could either for that matter. I think the whole concept of audience size is too complicated and we should not try to define it, as it would be a waste of time most likely.

Let’s make it simple for buyers. The only thing that matters should be: is it going to air on national or local TV. That there is no room for interpretation. Much simpler for buyers and fairer for us, as it would make sure we’re getting the right amount.

It could be just a text update as well. Let’s just remove any mention of numbers, and put qualitatives such as Local, National, International instead. Before doing a real overhaul.

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That may be the case, but having a defeatist attitude won’t achieve anything. Envato do occasionally listen to us. Even if it takes some time, it’s worth making some noise to try and generate momentum for positive ideas and change. It is a slow wheel to turn, but it’s not completely seized up.

I like this approach, super simple.

I do agree with RedOctopus that a text update would be at least VERY achievable in near future. Not much calories needs to be organized for that as a start. Then Envato hopefully can plan to make a change in the interface with a drop down window.

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Right. But lets try to achieve two steps:

First - fast “emergency” basic description update finalized ASAP to avoid mistakes which are made every day.
Second - long term deliberated update of selling system including potential interface changes.

That’s right!

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I agree. Baby steps, but we should keep on making them :slightly_smiling_face:

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@KingDog, @BenLeong, who is the person we can talk to at Envato regarding the broadcast licenses? A constructive discussion is in order… and long overdue.


Anybody else want to try and ping someone from staff. Looks like @KingDog and @BenLeong are not interested in having this conversation with me, or even just passing this request along to the “licenses” people at Envato.

To be honest neither Ben nor I have any say in licensing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, I know that! :grin:
The question I’m asking is : “who is the person we can talk to at Envato regarding the broadcast licenses?”
The situation requires some urgent attending to, and the community should be involved. We need a credible and authoritative interlocutor on this subject.


Interlocutor… Now there’s a fantastic word if ever I heard one!


Hi @PurpleFogSound! I’ve been away for the last few weeks, and haven’t been online at all.

Let me get up to speed on this, and then I’ll try to locate the right people within the company - there are a few different ways this could be tackled (legal/licensing, UX, product decisions for the marketplace, etc) which would all involve a different group of people.


Cheers Ben, really appreciate that. It’d be great to involve those teams and move forward together.

Lol. It’s a pretty common word in French. Didn’t mean to sound pedant.


This is great news, very excited that we can move forward with this!

We also need to update the “recommended purchase prices” in all licenses (including standard license) as these are way to low at the moment. A competitor site is using prices ranging from 99 EUR up to 1999 EUR for TV broadcasting just to put it in perspective.

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Not at all like a pedant. It’s great to see wonderful words put to good use.

Thanks for your efforts in getting this looked into. I think this could potentially be a great thing for everyone.

I am also an advocate for that. I might actually question whether they are even necessary at all.


Update to my specific case: Buyer finally responded yesterday, they must have missed my first message. They asked me a few precisions. They contacted me again today, apologized, said they didn’t know how they made this mistake and bought the correct license. This went much better than the previous time.

However this doesn’t change the fact that there is an issue with the confusing broadcast licenses terms.

@BenLeong did you get a chance to talk to the different teams you mentioned in your previous post? Would it be possible to clarify those terms as soon as possible?

Let’s not bury this.


And there is another thing. Our PRO data: name surname (or nickname) and IPI number should be included into the license file. I think this is crucial.

Now I’m writing to buyers of broadcast licenses from 2017 and I ask them did they fill the cue sheet with correct data. One of them answered:

“Yeah, we filled the cue sheet with a data from the license file.”

This means they filled the cue with my nickname (“RedOctopus” or even misspelled “Red Octopus”). I’m pretty sure that’s why his local PRO couldn’t find me in the international data base = I didn’t receive PRO royalties.

I’ve recently registered in PRO both versions of my nick (RedOctopus and Red Octopus) but still there are probably many Red Octopuses and RedOctopuses in the PRO international database. That’s why I suppose those money stuck somewhere abroad (or even in my PRO - depending on PROs’ software and procedures).

If there was an IPI number in the license along with proper nickname = PRO would find me.

Imagine how many authors do not know that they have to register their nicknames also with misspelling. Imagine how many times royalties are stuck because of the inability of finding the author who has popular nickname existing in few countries.




obraz One of the top authors put in comments of his items that information. What do you guys think? Is it legal? isn’t it misleading and untrue information about PRO? There are no any additional fees for buyers and it should be common knowledge! These PRO fees are only on broadcaster’s side. This is another reason why there are so many mistakenly purchased licenses. And I don’t even want to point out that information about AdRev is also in my opinion untrue…