Bought item not available to download

Hi I bought the theme listygo a month ago

Now I recevied an notification to update the theme, but in the download section the item is not there,I used the same user it is the only I have. I need help please.

Is it from Elements or ThemeForest?


You don’t see the item on your dashboard > Download section?

no, the theme is not there, here the email: here de download section Captura de pantalla 2023 11 19 232339 — Postimages

Recently there’re some issues with Envato system ( )

Update - We have successfully re-synced data for a subset of affected customers. We are investigating remaining issues related to data inconsistencies for a small number of customers with subscriptions, signups, downloads and collections made during the period of 8:18 am AEDT 10/11/23 - 8:17 am AEDT 13/11/23.

Go to the item page and check if there “download” button is available.

If not, you may need to create a ticket or just wait for few days.

no the download button is not there
Captura de pantalla 2023 11 19 232742 — Postimages, it is like I never bought the theme

If you’re 100% sure if it’s the same account, as stated above, the system has issues. You can either wait for the Envato to fix the problem or create a ticket.

Yes I´m 100% sure. where can I create the ticket?