Blogger theme a mess on mobile...

This is the MogMagazine template purchased here. Ive messaged the author with no response for several days, but urgently need this fixed.

Seems like anything smaller than an iPad and things are just a total mess! Any assistance in fixing this I will be extremely grateful!


The author can work on correcting the error you sent, perhaps the delay is due to Christmas, I can not be completely sure, also the author can create content alone, sometimes it can be a complex process, in any case, wait for a response from the author

Have a nice day!

I wonder how this got approved on Envato, makes no sense.

I don’t see this for sale on envato? If it’s been removed then that would explain why there is no support

Isn’t that the theme?

^Thats it

Also, I underestimated how long since I emailed the author - its been 2 WEEKS with a followup a few days ago. Still no reply.

So I dont think waiting on him is a great plan when I NEED help.


Contact Envato support for help, according to the rules of support items on Themeforest, you can return the money for the product you bought if support is not provided properly.


Just to be clear - this is assuming that your purchase is less than 6 months old

Out of interest did you change any of the CSS etc.? The demo seems to work fine on mobile and iPad

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Purchase is older than 6 months.

I didnt edit CSS. What i’m not sure of is if switching to another theme, then back to this caused the issue. While I noticed this after we did this, I cannot say with certainty that it was working perfectly before.

It could be that changing it and then coming back may have caused something to break although it looks like the issue with your website is mostly CSS related (it’s the articles spilling over wide on the lower part of the page right?).

the item was updated in Jan 2019 so if you are using a version older than that then you probably wat to update it (download the latest copy from your downloads page on themeforest)

Beyond that without spending some time looking into it then it’s hard to advise on what may be causing the issue, however over 6 months there is no obligation for the author to assist

you coud probably find a freelancer on to put things right otherwise

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I’m STILL trying to figure this out. Switched to bloggers internal mobile option for awhile but it’s awful and removes ads.

So, bumping this thread maybe someone who didnt see it before will now