Isn't there an author judgement policy?




I purchased a theme from themeforest, and I founded there is a big bug about the menu linking not working on all mobile device, and I tell the author.

It has been 28 days, the author keeps telling me that:
He has fixed that, and now uploading.
The bug has been fixed, he is going to upload.
He had an updated, and please download it again.
Please test the demo site.
FOR 28 DAYS!!!

So I test again and again but nothing is changed from the menu.
I worked on this theme for over 1 month and it’s all done except the menu bug, now it is inconvenient to change theme for my client, I checked themeforest support, none is talking about if there is a way envato team will help to push the author.

The menu is not working on mobile device, I don’t think I am too much, isn’t it?


As far as I understand, the author has already solved the bug with menu and updated the theme.

Sign in to your Themeforest account, go to “Downloads” page, download the updated theme and apply the update on your site.


Is this an auto responding for me?

I thought that you are envato team member, so I did try again :rage:
Why you know it has been updated while I did’t purchase your item, and I am not talking your item.
And after your reply, I downloaded the newest theme(which noted updated since 26 October 15) and I uploaded it to my ftp in a new folder, IT IS STILL SAME as 28 days ago.

Am I playing a real Truman Show? That the whole envato are watching me, hum?


@dreamwork Try to clean your mobile browser caches and history . Maybe the author did the update but you can not see the effect because your browser.


@thezoc I already did this.

This is what I replied to the author:

And my latest comment here, I test the new download file in a new folder in my hosting.


@dreamwork I understand. You can put your theme link purchased here? Maybe that will inform and author will react here . Also we opine here and we can help you to fix it.


Thanks, don’t know if this is acceptable.
The demo site link here(I downloaded it and uploaded to my hosting):

And the issue menu is:

  1. The login should be linked to login.html.
  2. The first level menu are with a link, but not working.
    It works in desktop, but not working in mobile device, I tested in iPad and Android phone.
    I know its for touch panel, but clicking twice nothing happen.

I have been waiting for 28 days, and theme has a wordpress version now.


@dreamwork I checked on my iPad now. The problem is generated by javascript code. This element is not optimized for touchscreen. When you put finger on it … close touch him. This problem must be solved by author . It’s not a complex problem . He could use menu navigation script for dropdown, which works perfectly. I’m sorry for what is happening.

Try to contact again @kutethemes . This problem is for 300 clients …


@thezoc Thanks, yes I believe it’s a js issue.
I work for web design for many years but I am not familiar with js, maybe you can help the author, I guess this also trouble him since there is a WP edition and presta edition is on-going.


The simplest solution is this :
To use for open that top dropdown menu, dropdown classes from the front menu (Home, Fashion, Sport …) . Not to use that click open the dropdown menu if this is not optimized for touch screen. ( Use hover dropdown menu because is optimized for touchscreen . )


If you are still having issues then you can contact support

I would imagine (can’t guarantee) that depending on when you bought the file this would fall under the new support policy envato have and they would be speak with the author about getting it fixed.


@charlie4282 thanks, I have sent a support ticket to the team now.


I can tell you that 28 DAYS LATER, the bug will spread, your fellow buyers will be infected with the same bug, maybe even your fellow comrads will will rage and be banned from AJ. You will eventually find signs of a cure for the bug, an update that can forever solve this problem. Though, some saved buyers will be lured into never ending product suggestions to repopulate the buyers market. Flying in your corporate jet after the long journey through customer service and author conversations, you look over the digital landscape, seeing the banned buyers eventually lose interest and fade away before you are finally rescued.

P.S. Sorry couldn’t resist, just a coincidence it was that number.


Couldn’t agree you any more!
This is just what I think of the author since I am asking a menu bug such a big issue, while the author keeps producing WordPress edition, Prestashop edition but never facing the menu bug.


Tbh I had a similar issue with an author when I bought something. I had an issue, talked to them about it, they lied to me and then never spoke to me again and nothing has happened since then. I don’t think there’s much you can do, Envato can’t really force them to provide anything, nothing illegal really happened. All you can really do is give a bad review if they did something like that to you, maybe Envato will do something like “you can’t submit any more items until this issue is resolved” but it’s unlikely. I would suggest just moving on and buying a different template and ask Envato for a refund since there’s a clear bug and the theme can’t serve its purpose.