news mag template not working

Hello … Yesterday, I bought a template, but upon installation it turned out that the template does not work completely and has serious errors in the JavaScript and when you follow the buyers ’comments I found that the template designer does not respond and does not provide any support in addition to the official website of the designer has been closed

Hi @rimomurad you have posted comments 7 hours ago. please give them time to get back to their envato profile and reply to you. Hope they will reply soon and will assist you. Thanks

please show all comments in this template the designer not reply

Please give them time, if they don’t reply within 2 days then you can request a refund here
Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules


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thanks sir

I think this is a temporary error that will be resolved soon. Although there may have been some error in the code


Yes all JavaScript not working and many functions has been stopped