Black Friday Sale 2016 ?

Does anyone heard about any sales promotions planned for Black Friday & Cyber Monday? I read something about it on WPMayor but can’t find it on envato.

Please kindly let me know as I am very interested in being part of the promotion.

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Thanks for sharing this but it’s too late now :frowning: coz I can submit my item anymore even though I have it for 70% off. Well i guess next time.

I will try to reaching out to the marketing team but again thanks for sharing.

what is the discount already ?

You mean what am I offering for discount? Well if that’s your question then it’s a woocom wp theme.

Hey @CridioStudio

Here’s the link to the promotion :slight_smile:

We’ve made the collection of Black Friday WordPress items for more convenient :wink: [Removed: Self promotion]

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Thanks for sharing!

Thanks I found your collections. I wish our theme was also included :slight_smile: lol anyways will be doing a blog post and planning to include Nitro.

@woorockets ok we have included your theme in our black friday / cyber monday post. you can check our blog as i don’t think i can post the link here. Thanks and good luck with ur sales.

Let us know if you want us to make any changes.

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For those interested in Black Friday/ Cyber Monday 2017 we’ve created a thread where we’ll be sharing more information as it becomes available.