Best web hosting service for Avada theme

Can someone recommend to me the best web hosting service for the Avada theme. I purchased and installed this theme for my Wordpress site, but it is not fully functional because my current webhost limits PHP memory to 64M. Apparently, the Avada theme requires 256M.


You can increase the php memory from cpanel or contact your server admins to increase it for you.


Get in touch with the author and request the optimal characteristics for the site to work properly, with this data you can contact your service provider to improve the conditions.

Anyway it might be useful for the author to know what hosting is hiring. So that they can reimendale some in specific.

Good luck

those guys seems they have optimised for Avada

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Looking for Avada Theme website hosting, we’ve got you covered with our custom tuned VPS servers that provide access to Avada requirements and then some!

Thanks for all the details. Very helpful. Real quick, to help out everyone.

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