Best Rating Secret!

Hello guys,

Today, I’d like to tell story about best rating feature in Envato market. Most authors doesn’t know about this opportunity (someones may call it bug, or wrong algorithm).

One of our theme had pure 5.00 stars with more than 50-60 ratings, we gained that by providing superior support, and we noticed that our item traffic grow day by day. Then, someday, one of the users put 4 star (not bad), and our traffic decreased 4 times!

I couldn’t understood why only one 4 star among the rest 60 5 stars, could reduce traffic 4 times. Then I investigated the issue and found out how it works. It works in the following way - it list on top those sites which have only pure 5.00 above all others.

Let’s compare two items:

quantity of ratings: 1000 with 5 star ratings, and 1 only 4 star

quantity of ratings: 50 with only 5 stars.

Logically when you filter with best rated, ItemA should come on top, because 1000 people voted 5, and only 1 voted 4.

But on Envato market sites it works vice versa. There are few themes which come on top with best rating filter on top behond other themes which is not pure 5.

Also, doesn’t matter whatever you search, if ItemB has any keyword inside it’s page, it will always come on top.

Hopefully Envato team will take a look at this weak side of filtering algorithm, and make corrections.

This problem exist on all market sites.


Currently, if you go to let say to and search anything, and filter “best rated” you would notice 2-3 themes which come on top ALWAYS! Their sales quantity is high just because their traffic, and traffic is because of pure 5.

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Hopefully to get relevant badge from Envato, for investigation :slight_smile:

^ Same.

Even one 4 star for these items mean minus $2000 / month. Just because of 5 times less traffic. Some buyers who know this manipulate with that… :frowning:

The most wrong portion of this issue, is that these themes come on top with any keyword search. Let’s say you are looking for WooCommerce theme, and enter “WooCommerce” keyword and filter “best rated” these themes come on top for buyer despite they are not fully oriented on WooCommerce. Or you look for Shop, Store, etc… It is enough just to have one keyword in their sale page description or tags.

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thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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The best alternation would be, to filter best rated for period of time, or more clever algoritm, which take in account relevance of entered keyword, period of time, and other relevant factors, not like not only if pure 5.

It’s not really a secret. This has been brought up multiple times over the past 5 years but Envato doesn’t consider it as an issue.

It is favoritism by envato … they won’t do anything to stop it. did you know these themes that appear as top rated got their negative ratings removed? and they keep this broken search system just to benefit their favorites.