Best Music for Drone Video, Film & Photography

##What’s the best music on AudioJungle for drone videos?


####We want you to nominate TWO items from AudioJungle that work beautifully with drone video footage! Select your favorite music and share them with us in this thread!

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This music will perfectly support drone videos with good dynamics and dizzy shoots. The viewer will receive many good impressions especially if this video comprises many short clips from different places of our planet, for example as in the movie “Home”(2009).

This really very beautiful music perfectly will be suitable for video with slow-motion shot. In these drone videos I see beautiful landscapes and wide panoramas, I see beautiful megalopolises and high falls, mountains with snow caps and blue lagoons, the deep rivers and the cultivated fields, it is necessary to close eyes only!

  1. - It is beautiful track for drone videos because he is so amazing! Close your eyes and you will see beautiful landscapes!

  2. - just cool melody. Ideal for any projects. Specially for drone motion video!

Here is my shortlist:

  1. - my intention for this track was to support motion and expansive visuals that allow the viewer to feel and experience a journey.
  2. - PR_MusicProductions . This is a great soundtrack for a wealth of visual material that glides through harmony.

Here are mine: by @boomopera
Really great ambient mood, lightweight and the sound really ‘flies’, just what is needed for a drone video! @by @OlexandrIgnatov
Great beat surrounded by atmospheric pads, synths and guitar melodies. I love how melodies fly here, a perfect choice for a more dynamic drone video!


Inspirational Epic @ArtIss
Background @YellowTea

    This incredible beautiful song of SunChannelMusic will be perfect for any drone video. This is the kind of music that will improve any kind of surrounding.

    It’s cinematic rock music with atmospheric guitar soundscapes is also great for drone video. This track works particularly well in projects that contain slow-motion footage.

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I think this tracks will be suit perfectly

This track is perfect for drone videos because it’s so atmospheric, soaring and airy. Deep, soft, light synth sounds, pads allows to feel flying in the sky. This atmospheric celestial track shows all beauty of mother nature!

The track is also halcyon, ethereal and atmospheric. Transparent smooth soft electronic sounds are so flowing as air and flight between the clouds and under ocean or mountains. The intro of the track is smooth like rising in the sky! - inspiring piano melody and light orchestra, perfect for any projects - great track, perfect mood for any drone video

1 Like by Leon_Felekyan by AcousticBro

I think was great for beautiful landscapes, mountains, oceans…

This track so soft and deep, great for slow drone video

1 - Timelapse Background by deepersound is modern and fresh soundtrack for any drone video projects, really stylish work!
2 - Abstract Emotion by myself is melodic track with right mood for landscape drone videos included 4 versions and free support if customer will need special version for his project

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1- I think my track “Dreams Take Flight” suits drone footage, mostly because it has the word “flight” in it :grin: :grin: :grin:… Its got an emotional weight to it when played under the slow moving drone footage which i find pretty inspiring.

2- its hard to go past Sky-Production for something like this. I like “Inspiring and uplifting cinematic trailer”, its just one of those emotive tracks that would make drone footage epic!

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  1. by @QuiqStudio
    This energetic trip-hop track is perfect for drone video & photography. It’s so inspiring!

  2. by @original_soundtrack
    This is a dramatic and energetic theme with the dynamic development and emotional content. This is a great soundtrack for drone motion video!

This is my favorite. A combination of deep abstract background with broken beat and glitchy piano. Would love to see some dynamic drone footage with that background:

Second selection is for absolute relaxation and complete immersion into video recordings of slow flying by natural landscapes. It is pure background ambience. It does not disturb you away from footage:

Thank you!

Hello :blush: Try this :wink:

Do Not Litter Our Planet

Sensual Tension