Best Music for Drone Video, Film & Photography


The first track that came into my mind when I saw this post was Time Lapse Diver by @AntonG. Why? Like the author says, it’s experimental, unusual and hypnotic, calm and soft - characteristics that surely fit a cool drone footage over a limitless landscape (urban or natural). If the track alone has this effect on the listeners, imagine it combined with some surreal aerial footage…

I would also like to recommend my track Walking On Air ; I composed it with this kind of images in my mind - the infinity of the sky and the view above the clouds. It is soft, airy and always elevating and inspiring.
Best of luck to all!

Hello everyone!
This track was made specifically for such tasks

  1. This is a great inspiring track for videos from a bird’s flight. Perfect for shooting video of wildlife and colorful landscapes.

  2. It is an inspiring track, but with small tension. He will help to give feeling of flight perfectly.

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It is beautiful track for drone videos because he is so amazing! Close your eyes and you will see beautiful landscapes!

It’s cinematic ambient music with atmospheric guitar soundscapes is also great for drone video. This track works particularly well in projects that contain slow-motion footage.

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  • by @TheSilentThunder Powerful, heroic, inspiring, emotional, dramatic.
  • by @OlexandrIgnatov I fell in love with this music.Crystal and clear. It rises above the highest mountains.
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    Hi! by Nuclearmetal by GoodMusicMood

    1. Inspiring And Beautiful Emotional Story -
    • Beautiful and deep piano track with choir elements. It has perfect arrangement for drone movies and landscapes.
    1. Dream -
    • Dreamy and beautiful track in a style of idm. Has a really nice mood for beautiful drone videos.
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    I would recommend those two:

    This track by @Nuclearmetal called ‘Timelapse Piano’
    it’s really soft, moody, works really well as drone video background

    And track by myself — really simple and atmospheric and was made exactly for space or drone videos :slight_smile:
    Link —

    This is a light, emotional, and great atmospheric track for drone video

    Very versatile track, which can be used in various fields!

    I like by WillBedford – a great cinematic sounding symphonic song that starts soft, builds to a triumphant sounding middle, and then goes soft again for the return home. – a more electronic and personal sound that starts upbeat but low to the ground, and flies up to a positive finish.


    Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

    Our choices for the Drone Footage are:

    1. Technology by @Stockwaves because it has an amazing start, followed by a soft but changing mood. Very recommended for drone videos with landscape changes.

    2. Elegant Inspirations by @SnailMusic because its dynamic range is perfect for videos that stay with the same images and it’s mood reminds also to technology and sofistication.

    Thank you very much!


    I love just about everything from Soundroll-music but if I had to choose just one for drone footage, I would say It has a modern sound and an airy feel to it. For me it conjures images of the flight scenes in Neverending Story. Definitely a terrific piece for flight scenes.

    For my own pieces, I think may be a good choice. It’s electro-ish sound makes me think of drone-racing and the horn break spots would be good spots to add slow-motion footage, or footage that contrasts with the main footage for impact.

    Hey mates!

    Here’s a track from a true genius on AudioJungle, Adi Goldistein: Secret Dream
    I think this pulsating and airy track is a perfect fit for drone footage. It will make the listener feel like he’s flying over gorgeous landscapes himself. This track is a true gem!

    The second one is a track of mine: Epic
    I find this kind of epic, slightly melancholic and majestic music is always a great choice when flying over great and beautiful landscapes.
    A big benefit may be the fact, that it’s available as a Music Kit too, which offers the buyer an incredible flexibility to build his own track in the desired length, just by drag-and-drop the individual song sections in their video editing software.

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    Hello :slight_smile:

    Music for drone footage - 2 contrasting ways to underscore aerials.

    1. Dramatic Drone Flight - This one is a sparse acoustic track of mine, composed specifically for smooth, beautiful aerial footage - hence the title.

    2. Inspiring and Uplifting Cinematic Trailer from Sky Productions - This one sounds huge, sweeping and dramatic. It also has multiple mixes & edits for maximum variety. Excellent work.

    1. Very Inspire music for DRONES -

    2. Ambient space - - his is a typical space! Deep, bright, space. Get inspired by the atmosphere of planets and galaxies. Surprise your Android. Touch the stars!

    Hi! Here is my shortlist:

    • Melodic Glitchy | Whole instrumental!
    • Cool atmospheric chilled track with glitchy samples, will be great for any modern slideshow. It gives organic futuristic feeling that works perfectly for landscape projects like drone videos.
    • Dub Flight
    • Chillstep track with flowing theme. It was actually used in kind of drone videos, so it fits very well. Gives futuristic dreamy atmosphere and flight feeling.

    Hi! My choice