Inspirational Music for Video

##This contest is now over! See the winning track in our latest video and check out our featured collection of inspirational music!

###Dear AudioJunglists!

I released a video this week on the Envato YouTube channel featuring an awesome track on AudioJungle called Future Bass by Vlad_INSIDE. It was made to promote some of the awesome entries we’ve received so far for a video contest we’re currently running. You can see the video below:

I’m going to create another video after the contest has ended to create a compilation of some of the best entries and winners. What I’d love however, is if you could nominate one of your best (or favorite), most appropriate tracks for the next video.

##Nominate a track

Simply take a look through all the entries so far in the official Photo Animator contest thread, think about what piece of music would work well with a video we create from the entries, then share a link to your track right here in this thread. The track can be fast or slow, electronic or orchestral, or anything and everything in-between! Be very selective however; choose your best, most appropriate track as you’re only allowed one nomination per author/person. If you’re NOT an AudioJungle author, no problem, you can still enter! Simply find and nominate the perfect track, but be sure to only nominate once, please.

Ideally, the track will need to be a minimum of 2 minutes in length, but no problem if it’s a little under.

Contest/nominations end on September 30th, 2016.


The track I select from the nominations will win a brand new, totally official, never-seen-before, AudioJungle T-shirt! Here’s a general idea what it will look like (but the collar will be more like a regular T-shirt). Ghetto blaster not included! :wink:


##Runner-up Prize

I will also select the best 20 tracks posted in this thread (including the winner) and will create a collection that we’ll feature on the AudioJungle and VideoHive homepage for an entire month. Great opportunity for some priceless exposure!

###Let’s see those nominations, I will be listening to each and every one of them! :star:


I nominate my dubstep/trip-hop track Open The Sky. Mellow but with a strong beat. A dynamic song with a lot of small changes happening throughout the track.

Hi there, here’s my nomination.

Hi… My energetic pop track :

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Hi! This is my nomination! :slight_smile:

This is my trending epic track! :blush:

I chose an emotional track:

Two my soul power and favorite emotional tracks
(I’m really sorry, but I can’t choose one, please do it, if you like one of them) :blush:

1 Future Bass
2 Inspirational Dubstep

This is my nomination!
Soft and gentle background ambient piano track:

Hi everybody!:slight_smile:

Acoustic Happy Upbeat

My nomination: