Best Christmas Music on AudioJungle 2016

##What are the best Christmas songs on AudioJungle?

####We want you to pick TWO items from AudioJungle that capture the Christmas spirit! Select your favorite festive music and share them with us in this thread!

###How to Enter

  • Research and select TWO of your favorite Christmas songs on AudioJungle and post right here in the forums.
  • You may include a maximum of ONE item that you created yourself in the list if you wish.
  • Each of the two items you share must be created by a different author (so no two items from the same author, please).
  • You MUST write a description of what you like about EACH item in your list (minimum of two sentences per item, please!), why it’s good, effective as a Christmas song, and/or and why you think it captures the spirit of Christmas.
  • One entry per user, please, so please pick carefully and only choose/share the very best items!
  • Posts that do not follow the requirements and/or only seek to self-promote will be removed.
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Good luck! We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing your recommendations!

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I’d like to nominate Christmas by skywalkmusic:

Great melody and great instrumentation. I also get some Mr. Bean Vibes here :wink:

And here’s my submission called City of Joy:

Not a 100% christmas track to be honest, but It’s dedicated to the town where I grew up and I 'll never forget christmas over there. It is located relatively high in the mountains, so there was plenty of snow. There is no snow on christmas where I live now… so yes, for me it’s a christmas track! :slight_smile::snowflake::star2::christmas_tree::snowman2:

Good luck everybody!

  1. Christmas! by @Stockwaves - A fast paced sparkling adventure filled with Christmas cheer. A song truly packed with adventure! The rolling melodies are great. Pure fun!

  2. Christmas by @Synchrotron (Yes! That’s me!) - A fun filled Christmas song with a lot of cheer. The perfect soundtrack to Santa’s workshop. Look at them elves go! It even has tuba! That’s my favorite part. Oh, go listen for yourself!


City of Joy is a beautiful song. Very warm. The Skywalk Music song is great as well. Great stuff! :slight_smile:

  1. The song captures the spirit of the modern Christmas. After listening to this track is a joyous mood. In this music, you can even come up with the words.
  2. I love this music for instant transfer of mentally you in the era of Jesus’ birth. Also, I like the sound of the orchestra in this track.
1 Like by SilvanMusic - One of the best Christmas song on Audiojungle!!! This orchestral tune creates a magical christmas vibe. Suitable for many christmas projects. by HitsLab - Our new Christmas song! Magical, fairytale and upbeat Christmas song creates a mood of happiness, celebration, fun. Perfect for all christmas projects!


@Alex_MakeMusic @HitsLab Don’t forget…

Many thanks!

My first choice is Christmas created by BiaxialTunes

It’s tunes sound very funny, and fun at Christmas is a good thing. It’s so funny, it makes me wanna buy it, and that’s what Christmas is all about: Money.

My second choice is a well known Christmas carol, played by my own bare hands on my acoustic guitar, drummed by my own bare feet and hands on my acoustic drums & chimes:
Acoustic Silent Night by lokohighman

I like it’s pureness and it’s snow-like silence. I also like the flowing melody on the chords. :evergreen_tree:

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My lovely Christmas theme by Tunebaker.
Warm, cute and wonderful sound, great melodies and great mood. It’s a spirit of this holiday:

And my own Christmas track.
Creating it, I tried to convey the special Christmas atmosphere, the anticipation of the holiday:

Most probably know this lovely track by music2noise but worth sharing again:

I like the catchy and effective main melody, and the arrangement immediately brings Christmas to mind. The development of the track gives us enough variety to keep the listener interested while never being too distracting.

And one of my top sellers that has worked out very well in multiple VideoHive items:

Short and sweet with a memorable melodic hook. Significant development takes place over the course of the piece to build excitement and variation and then ends with a final version of the opening melody. String flourishes and children’s choir enhance the experience and help make the piece a celebratory and fun Christmas track.

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Christmas Coming Twisterium

Very nice sounds! beautiful melody, emotions Christmas Eve! All advise for both purchase and for listening!


The atmosphere of the beautiful winter evening on Christmas Eve! Gentle female vocals! Holidays in the family will pass unforgettable! )

1 Like Still my favourite Christmas song on AJ! It might be an older track now but that makes it a classic :slight_smile: Playful, whimsical and adventurous xmas music that has stood the test of time. This is an energetic retro rock’n’roll Christmas tune. It’s got a sax solo and everything! I wrote this after watching Home Alone for about the 100th time. Kevin!!!

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Hi. I have 2 really great pieces here:

  1. by @Allegro120 - Really amazing classical tune that seems like created for Hollywood movie. It has a decent melody line, good professional orchestral arrangement and mixed good as well. It brings a lot of fairy positive feelings.
  2. by @twisterium . I definately like this track not because it’s mine. This is universal happy christmas track. It suits any kind of cheerful New Year film, film about Santa or Christmas preparations. It’s light carefree and even triumphant in final part. Perfect for films about children or cartoon films. by @UJ-pro and vocal from @StudioMonkey is absolutely amazing! I can’t stop listening to it, I’m hooked on this song. It’s perfect! Hearing the song is inevitable imagine a classic Christmas movie. is my humble contribution. Please listen at least the first minute to see how the childish Christmas spirit is growing. It is one of the songs that I’m most proud of, though it has only two sales.


I like a Christmas tracks by @AudioPizza Christmas and @Max-Music Christmas
Thank you for listening!

here are my favs:

  1. by @UJ-pro. i remember when udo first posted this song on the forum looking for a singer, i was immediately taken by the great production and beautiful melody. it has such a classic xmas song vibe, which is why i volunteered to sing it!

  2. by @benjijackson. this is my other long-time fav. i guess i like my xmas songs in the more “classic” vein, haha! great production, great writing, and incredible vocal (wish i could sing like this dude!!)


1. This is my favorit song

2.And here’s my submission Motivational Piano with Orchestra
remind me of good times and christmas with family :smiley:

I chose two tracks are different from all the original song composition.

  1. by @soundroll
    Christmas is a holiday music xmas background music instrumental that is really sweet, joyful and simple. It is a cheerful original christmas featuring vocal and it is different from all other tracks on AudioJungle. An original christmas tune with a funny and joyful atmosphere. Simple but beautiful melodies and no classic instrumentation deliver the spirit of Christmas.

  2. by @331
    Fun, bouncy, little Acoustic Guitar based tune with sleigh bells. If you need something light and fun for the holidays this will work great! This christmas track is very uplifting, happy, bright and of course Merry. If you are looking for original christmas carols this christmas instrumental is perfect.

    It will bring joy, success and happiness in any of your great ideas!

    Merry Christmas!!!

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