Fresh Christmas Music Items 2016

Hello guys! I propose to spread links to your fresh Christmas items.
These are my two new tracks with bells, light orchestra and christmas mood:

Christmas Orchestra
The Christmas


Great idea! Here is one of mine:

Nice work @BlueSkyAudio, bright and light atmosphere, perfect for Christmas holidays :slight_smile:

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Here is one of mine -

very interesting and beautiful work!

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My One :slight_smile: )

Let me share mine too :slight_smile:

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Here is mine guys :slight_smile:

One of mine

Helo guys!
Nice tunes are here :slight_smile:

My Xmas tracks are Christmas Storytelling and Christmas Steps and, of course, just Christmas :slight_smile:

And my…:slight_smile:

Let me share mine too :slight_smile:

Classsic Orchestral:

And the jazzy one:

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Thank you for the link guys. Really enjoying …

Here’s mine:

Hi everybody. Here’s my new Christmas and New Year music. Good luck with sales!

Here are some more of mine!

Hi. This is my orchestral Christmas track. :slight_smile: