Best Inspirational and Dramatic Music for Sporting Events

Catchy main riff with a driving beat giving the piece a ‘competitive’ feel, nice drop down sections for commentary/edit points.

Full on sound production, great beat and exciting synth lines, perfect for competitive/action images.

Insteresting melody, driving inspirational guitar, steady trip-hop beat creates sport and competitional mood!

A very positive, energetic track with uplifting vocals that’s great for all types of sporting events.

An inspirational, emotionally powerful track that works great with all sports.

Just a track!


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Hi, this is my track

This is second track from Red Lion:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Have a nice day! Excellent tracks for sports and sports shows! Good luck to all!

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Track made specifically for sport videos. Energetic and motivational track includes the referee electro guitars, electronic drums, synth and more.

This track creates a lot of drama and tension, but at the same time it’s energetic, modern and it’s got a nice buildup that suits sport videos very well.

Awesome production, has an intense tribal feel to it. Vocals are very powerful, works great for sport motivation videos.

Energetic drums for action and sport events.

Cool guitar, mood, energy and inspiration. Like it.

Emotional inspiring track

Emotional sports track

Cool electronic track for extreme, slow motion, landscapes and sports videos!

Modern, fresh and energetic track for any sports projects!

This track is aggressive and tribal; ideal for team sports, extreme sports and action-intense events.

This track combines a dramatic orchestra with a modern, fresh hip-hop style. Perfect for epic sports trailers, previews and montages.

A unique powerful blend of Taiko, Brazilian and African percussions, with a touch of melody played by African particular instruments; this mood is ideal sound for Sports videos, giving an energetic, ethnic, epic vibe. It also represent in some way the “unite” spirit of the Olympic Games, since it contains sounds for different continents.

I think i’s just so Cool, original and fresh idea to put jazz drums for sports!!

Inspirational and uplifting track in “Discovery Channel” style for sport review, sport news, presentation and etc.

AWESOME SPORT MUSIC! Perfect for many sport video.

I hope it will be useful for you!
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Stunning track! This composition perfectly creates an atmosphere of achievements and victories!

This track perfectly conveys emotions of excitement and achievement of victories. There are 6 different versions available.