Looking for a track.

Hey guys, been desperately looking for the name of a track I got here. Pretty sure it’s stock. Been looking everywhere but to no avail. Hopefully some of you guys could help me out. That would be a great fit for an upcoming work of mine.

Though I need this badly, I’d gladly take suggestions for smilarly paced tracks.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Inlife Thrill - I didn’t have any luck using Soundizer.com in finding that track. It’s a search tool to find Audio Jungle Stock Music. You can try as well by copying the link of your video and pasting it in the search tool. There are a lot of results so you have to play with filters to reduce the number to something that is appropriate for reviewing. Good luck. In the mean time I offer a listen to a few of my tracks. They’re not quite the same but good for sports related videos. Good luck with your search and project!

Hey, @InlifeThrill !!

May be this track will suits to your project?

Cheers! =)


Check the works of Sky Productions. You may find a good replace.