Best Inspirational and Dramatic Music for Sporting Events

What’s the best inspirational and dramatic music for sports and sporting events?

2018 is going to be a big year for sport! There will be the Winter Olympics and a World Cup football tournament on top of the usual tennis grand slams, US Superbowl and major golf tournaments. We thought it would be useful to hear your music recommendations from AudioJungle for the perfect music that’s dramatic and uplifting.

How to Enter

  • Research and select TWO of your favorite pieces of music that are inspirational and dramatic that perfectly captures the excitement and emotion of sport.
  • You may include a maximum of ONE item that you created yourself in the list if you wish.
  • You MUST copy, paste, and provide the following in your post:

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  • Copy/paste the link to the TWO items (a maximum of ONE by yourself). Post each item on a separate line so it autogenerates a preview of the item
  • Provide a short sentence for EACH item explaining why the music is good and/or useful for a sporting event

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  • One post per user, please, so please pick carefully and only choose/share the very best items!
  • There is no deadline, we will keep this thread active on an ongoing basis.

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Good luck! We’re looking forward to reading and hearing more about your recommendations!


This track has drums and percussion that provides excitement and would be perfect as a background for video editing.

This track has interesting drums and percussion programming that provides excitement and would be perfect as a background for video editing.


This Track with drive inspirational guitars and beat perfect for sports competitions evening!

Nice sport rock track for competition event!

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This track have great sport competition mood! c:

Great sport rock track!


Nice guitars sounds Good for extreme & sport events!

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This energetic, powerful, background, music tracks that are suitable for sports. .

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This passionate and inspiring orchestral track soars and exudes emotion that will amplify the excitement and competitive spirit being portrayed in major sporting event coverage.

This is an epic orchestral track with flowing emotion and passion; perfect for sporting event videos and media presentations.

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With a BPM up to 144 this track gives a tension feeling and an anxious mood…

This track has everything that makes modern sports so attractive: Action, Excitement, and Adrenaline!

For that special, inspirational sports moment.

A piece of music dedicated to contenders, fighters and heroes…
Ideal for emotional and motivational sport videos!

This inspirational and dramatic music drum track will certainly work well with sports videos, action media, and any projects that needs an injection of energy and motivation!

Very uplifting and inspiring music track with triumphant and victorious mood. It’s amazing for sport video, event, award ceremony!

Epic sport soundtrack with cool distortion guitars. Great for sport competition or sport event.

This orchestral music sets the feeling of competition and evolves into grande finale. Into Loss or Victory

This one is just epic

This one just has “Olympic Fanfare and Theme” written all over it. This one could open the Olympic Broadcast and close it every night. Just a classic!

The vocal hook creates a majestic winning/ achievement/ accomplishment moment that is celebratory and inspirational. I wrote it for “Big Opener/ Hype/ Montage” Style videos with sports achievement in mind.

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Cinematic Inspirational with mood of the winner!

Epic style of victory and the tension of the fight

Usually sports are sounded with guitars, but i think this new percussion style track will be something new and fresh. Thanks<3

Powerful, epic and dynamic cinematic track with the wide range of sounds like massive drums and horns!

Deep, motivational and driving dubstep music compostion with creative flashy elements and urban wobble.

Catchy guitar riff, big drums. Excellent soundtrack for sports.

Retro cinematic sports track with brass, drums and strings. Fun track to cut sports footage to. Can even be a good fit for sports bloopers.

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