Best Motivating Music for Intense & Powerful Workout Videos

What’s the most motivating music for intense & powerful workout videos?

We want you to post your music recommendations from AudioJungle for the perfect music that’s intense, powerful, and motivating.

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Good luck! We’re looking forward to reading and hearing more about your recommendations!


Cool & super stylish rock sport motivational track with dub step drums great awesome mood.
Its great for sport, bodybuilding, sports car, and other sport events c:

Awesome powerful motivational track!
perfect for sport trailer, gym trailer and other kinds of sport.

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Cool motivation rock track!
its perfect rop sport & gym videos, competition, or other sports and action video projects.

Cool motivational beat!
This track perfect for training and motivational videos!

Hip hop track for your workout videos with a motivational and energetic rythm and some catchy vocals :slight_smile:

Super powerful and energetic track with driving guitars and gritty bass perfect for workout and motivation video projects !

Please don’t forget:

Many thanks!

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Motivational, energetic, vigorous, refreshing background hip-hop track. This track is ideal for sport ,sports videos, sporting events and motivational videos!

A great track for sports videos, physical training, cycle racing and armwrestling!

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Powerful, positive. I think it should boil the blood in the muscles…

It’s very emotional and motivational Epic music! I think this track is ideal for sport ,sports videos, sporting events and motivational videos!

This track have massive industrial sound and well transmits urban atmosphere. It’s best for intense & powerful workout videos

The track creates a mood of sport excitement, competitive spirit and desire for victory

Energetic track, impregnated with adrenaline and the atmosphere of the sport battle

Great sport rock and motivational music with powerful sound and strong mood

Beautiful epic track for some motivational and other videos

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Motivational. Dynamic. Extreme. The right blend of rock and electronic. Perfectly fits any kind of sport events.

This track has a powerful sound that would motivate the workout enthusiast in the gym.

A hard rocking, block sound that will motivate the gym user.

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Powerful and stylish rock track with distorted guitar riffs, rebellious stomps and claps. Slow tempo, dangerous and confident mood make this track a perfect solution for workout videos.

Can you imagine good workout video without hard hitting electronic music? If not, then check this track out! Powerful synths and punchy dubstep drums are all what you need to make your power even bigger!

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Perfect for gyms and workout because it is slightly faster than our heartbeats! The tempo is 124bpm. It also comes in 3 variations

Powerful, motivational high energy music for workout video with an overdriven sound and cool breakbeat drums

Energetic and powerful music track with a memorable beat and tons of energy

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Adrenaline pumping break beat and rock guitar to make the workout video intense and extreme. The steady rhythm is perfect for workout sequences while the rock organ builds the tension and power to the end.

High energy rock with a great intensity and steady beat to make the workout pump with power. This is perfect for extreme workout videos as it evolves and continually builds interest with transitions.

A great pounding rhythm with a good tempo for training.

Full on and uplifting!

Extreme breakbeat track suitable for sport videos, motion graphics, montages, extreme sports videos, GoPro montages, YouTube videos, web and other media projects as well.

Heavy and aggressive rock track with distorted guitar riffs, punchy drums and lots of energy. This track makes a great background for extreme sports videos, action scenes and other dynamic video projects.

This track very good is suitable for sports and extreme videos. In modern hip-hop sounding, at the moment is very relevant genre which gains height!

I like this work, it approaches as background support of video, it is executed in cinema style, it is good for scenes of credits or short documentary sports videos!