Trying to locate a track

I know there are a lot of threads that ask for the location of a song on the marketplace, but I’d appreciate it if someone read this and answered.

This is the track that I’m trying to find, both before and after the team lifts the trophy. I’m pretty sure they are the same song. I’d like the exact thread as well. I’ve tried searching “epic” and “inspirational”, but nothing has popped up yet. Thank you to anyone who reads this thread and helps me out!

Hi! Mayebe you can find something similar?
If you interested, I can send you some of my works with triumphant / victorious epic mood. Also, I think you can use keywords (or combination of them): victorious, triuphant, victory, sport, epic, uplifting (epic victory, triumphant epic and other combinations) to find something similar to your reference. I hope it helps you!
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Thanks for helping me with this! Although I’d like to find the specific song, I’d like to see some of your works to see if they can help me.

Classical / epic tracks with triumphant and victorious inspiring mood:

My best selling inspiring epic track:

This inspiring epic has different parts that cool for editing

This track contain choir and brass melody as your reference (choir melody tarts at 0:34):

This epic also can be cool (I recommend you to listen part at 1:03 it contain triumphant brass and choir as your reference)

This track also contain same feel at 0:31

This track faster than you reference and not so close to it, but also has very inspiring and positive mood:

I hope it helps you and you will find something that feet’s your project. If you need any other help (for example edit specific version for you or any other) just let me know.
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