Best After Effects templates for animated maps and globes

What are the best animated maps and globes for After Effects?

We want you to post your favorite animated maps and globes from VideoHive. Whether it’s cities, countries, states, or the entire world, we want to see animated maps, globes!

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What’s so good about the After Effects template?
One of the biggest HUD Graphics Pack online, featuring over 1000 elements and 200 User Interface Designs. A big part of those designs are Maps and Globe UIs. Including Mobile Maps, GPS Tracking, News Globe Designs, Gaming Mini Maps and much more.

What’s so good about the After Effects template?
Short and effective opener made with one single camera movement without any cuts. Helps to represent the most important 5 keywords for the company and can be adapted to any color!

What’s so good about it? I made it! But aside from that, it contains every country of the world on separate 3D layers, so you can easily scale, position, colour and animate to tell your own story. Great for news items, corporate videos, commercials and explainer videos. Includes map markers so you can specify cities, locations and areas of interest. What more could you want?!

This project will useful for creating your corporate video, presentation, broadcast video and etc. You can easy to edit and customize this project.

All routes are editable.You can change position, rotation,size. Also it is LOOP

What’s so good about the After Effects template?
Map connector a is perfect toolkit for your map info. Up to 10 positions in a row where you can control 3 “Info” fields (change position, size, colors, etc…) Choose between 5 different map icons and adjust time for your needs. Zoom on each corner of the planet without loosing resolution and quality. Change colors on each element, place text, images or videos.

This project is well suited for a hazard that occurs everywhere

What’s so good about the After Effects template?
World Map Globes project has everything necessary to display any country, city or place in the world. Adjustable color settings and full control of entire planet. Documentaries, adventure projects, travel, crime, cyber and conspiracy stories are possible with this project.