Easy to Edit Adobe After Effects Templates


A lot of customers can find After Effects a little bit daunting when using for the first time. The whole concept of keyframes, timelines, compositions and layers can be challenging for new users.

It would be great to share what After Effects templates on VideoHive are really easy to edit.

Authors > Could you share/post which of your items are super easy for customers to use and edit?

Customers > Could you share/post which After Effect templates you’ve purchased that made you think, β€œWow! This was super easy to edit!”

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β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” ✁ β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”

  • Copy/paste the link to the item from VideoHive
  • What makes the item easy to edit? Your answer…
  • Optional: Include screenshots or a video of the item, or even a tutorial video.

β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” :scissors: β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”


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You Will Only Put You Logo And Render

What makes the item easy to edit? I think the video below speaks for itself…

Sound effects included!

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The Splashing Liquid Reveal is very easy to edit just replace the logo or any Text and ready to render.It is useful to reveal the logo and text of your company.Just replace the with your logo

Compatible with After Effects CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 or CC

No Plug-ins needed

3D Liquid is prerendered and particles with Alpha Channel (Its Transparent, can apply any color in Background)


Add your Logo and use funny animations to promote your service.


Add your Logo/Photos and get quick animations to present your brand.

What makes the item easy to edit? Created Panel with settings inside of template makes this item super-fast and easy to edit. Everything clearly described in thw pdf file. Take a look on the pic below:

What makes the item easy to edit? Here is also created Panel Settings insite a AE project, where you have all settings clearly visible. Everyhing clearly described ind the pdf help file included. Take a look on the pic:

● https://videohive.net/item/infographic-maker/20030912
● Infographics Maker for After Effects has been carefully crafted with all types of users experience in mind. With a FULL Expressions control panel you can very simply update bar / dots / lines amounts, color, duration, opacity, size and of course, data values with just a few clicks.

● Some Examples of Customization Features:






What makes the item easy to edit? Just insert your pictures and music and press render. I actually had one customer that managed to finish one of these project for her wedding without having any prior knowledge of After Effects.

Very easy to edit! Replace the logo or any Text and render!




Ae Titles 4k
What makes the item easy to edit?
Just edit the text, colours, position and you are ready for rendering without ruining animation.

As fast as possible - put logo > customize colors, textures etc. using sliders > render - in total you need around 5 minutes to edit and after rendering get own video

Hey @scottwills really nice topic. It is quite difficult though to rationalize how easy an item is to customize. It is something that depends on someones AE skills, just as much as the user friendliness of the Template.

From my personal experience, four years ago I used to respond to 2-3 support questions per month. Right now I’m almost down to around 5-6 support questions a year. Which is a very interesting fact because the way I prepare my Templates and tutorials has not changed much, if not at all. For me it says that a lot of my customers are returning customers, and that our buyers are getting better at After Effects.

The only period with more support questions than usual is the start of the year. Usually only during January and February. Which means that there are a lot of new buyers giving a try to AE and Templates on that period. So I would really push for some beginner After Effects tutsplus course promotions around that time of year. I think a lot of people looking for that type of content would appreciate it.

Back on topic, here are my most easily editable items:

What makes the item easy to edit? This is one of my most versatile and customizable items. Apart from the large amount of pre-made variations (including 6 After Effects projects), what makes this project stand out is the extensive amount of comments included inside the compositions. My intention was to make a template that is so easy to understand that you don’t need to open the tutorial. And the only way to do that in After Effects, besides naming every layers appropriately, is to include comments that explain in more detail what layers or comps are supposed to do.

My second item is one of my more popular templates:

What makes the item easy to edit? According to customer feedback my Dynamic Openers template is super easy to edit. I believe the reason for this could be the simplicity of the design. The way this project was animated makes it look very dynamic, but behind that there’s a very minimal modular built. That is probably the main reason, aside from the correct layer naming, comments and tutorial which are features of every other template in my portfolio.

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These transitions are so easy to use that even the beginning user After Effects can cope with this. Just place a transition-layer at the junction of two scenes and everything is ready!

You just type your text in the script and generate the text. Simple as that.
Here’s the interface:
Here’s the quick-start tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx8Ror4lbXw

All of these projects are so easy to customize and use… Simply replace the photos, text and hit render :slight_smile:

Hey @scottwills!

Mobi App Promo Toolkit (my β€˜flagship’ product), is featured pack yet super easy to edit and use :blush:

Videohive link:

What makes this item easy to edit?

  1. When a user opens the template, he’s greeted with a helpful project control panel to help navigate through all the options and features.

  1. The project features 6 built in app promos templates that allow the user to simply drag & drop his app screens into the placeholder, change the text, and export the video in a matter of minutes.

  1. Plus, since the toolkit also provides the option of creating a fully custom made app promo video, the folder structure is extremely well organized for simple & quick navigation.

Video tutorial:

The template includes 3 video tutorials + an in-depth PDF guide.

This tutorial explains how to change the text and insert the app screenshots:

Project includes detailed video tutorial (from open to render). Very easy time lenght control (just drag the marker) There are 40 popular social media icons, so customer does not need to insert any icon. Even if customer want to insert his own icon, he can do it easily. All icons in the lower thirds are animated (which rarely happens).