Best Corporate After Effects Templates for Business


What are the best After Effects templates for corporate business?

We want you to post your favorite corporate and business After Effects templates from VideoHive.

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Multi Logo Reveal
Use your logo, images or videos with this after effects projects for: Company Logo Reveal, Brand identy, Branding Logo, Business intro, Corporate intro & outro, Multi-Purpose, Mosaic Logo Opener.

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  • lot of businesses on YouTube need a boost of subscribers. This tool solves this issue.


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Flexible template that gives you an opportunity to create your own corporate style video magazine.

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Perfect template for corporate and business presentation. It contains two additional scenes which gives ability to represent your company team and statistics.

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Simplicity and variability.

Perfect colorful corporate template with color control. Fully editable, no pre-renders, everything is custom made and can be customized.

Ultimate Corporate Promo

Clean style corporate After Effects project with modular stucture, perfect for any business event promo, conference announcement and modern digital presentation!

Ability to change all colors and effects easy for all scenes
No plugin required.
Change texts and pictures easily
Well organizsed template
Helpful documentation HTML + Video tutorial with voice over
The project contain the essential corporate portfolio section

cool simple and elegant template with flat style made specially for anyone who wants a Corporate Video Package to display and present here company portfolio in easy, elegant and attractive mode

simple and elegant template made specially for anyone who wants a high quality work to create a promotion for Conference or Event with professional style and attractive mode

Ability to change, colors to any colors you want with full expression control easy for all elements and text
Ability to add 5 extra speakers
Ability to replace picture with video file
No plugin required.
Well organizsed template

Corporate Bundle & Infographics

450 Unique Fully Animated Composition Slides
Package Includes 25 Categories
Introduction, Team, Process, Services, Timeline, Devices, Portfolio, Infographics, Info Labels, Charts, Tables, Icon Graphs, Maps, Ecology, Travel, Medical, Universe, People, Social Media
Categories, Letters Categories, Hands & Text, Quotes,Motion Typography, Ending