Belarus. Withdrawal of money.

The 4th month of 2024 is coming soon. All global platforms for the sale of digital goods work with Belarus and have the ability to withdraw money. Everyone except Envato. Payoneer also works for Belarusians without restrictions. There are no sanctions at the moment. What’s your new partner’s problem? I think someone said it was “super flexible”. I see that he is having difficulties with transfers not only to Belarus, but to any country in general, but when will this finally be resolved? Replies from the support service once a month from the series of “change of residence permit” or “sale of account” are generally in the category of bullying the author. Setting up a payment system is not my problem, it’s Envato’s problem.


@BenLeong @KingDog Is there any news about payments to Belarusian and Russian authors? Is there any progress in this direction? Do we have any hope of receiving payments this year?

I’ve stopped uploading my work, I can’t believe this is happening. The payout system is a nightmare. I don’t know, maybe this means the Envato business is about to be sold.

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I support this issue! In general, how did creativity become closely connected with politics? What do we have here, political songs, some kind of statements? Time will pass, the sanctions will be lifted and everything will have to be returned, it’s a matter of time.

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I’m afraid that because of these mistakes they won’t bring the authors back. Concrete wall, complete lack of response. Perhaps Envato was somehow still connected with this small start-up company, whose headquarters are located in a country that is not modern in terms of digital money transfers. There are reasons that are not yet visible. Otherwise, I don’t understand how it was possible, in such a critical situation for myself, to take such a catastrophic step.

New huge commissions, suspicious conversions, delays and withholding of very large amounts - you also need to deal with this and understand why this is happening.