Batch Edit Pricing?

I want to experiment with different pricing schemes to see what is best for my music.
But there doesn’t appear to be a way to Batch Edit this. With 300+ AJ items, it seems a daunting task just to see if a different pricing scheme would yield better results.
Am I missing something? Since pricing changes don’t require item review, there should be a way to batch edit this particular parameter (and of course only apply to item types, like “Music” or “Music Packs” etc.)


That would be a really useful tool.


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It looks like in this thread someone said there was a chrome extension that could help with this. I haven’t used it to set prices but it could be worth looking into.

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Contact: SchwartzSound's profile on AudioJungle


He has built a tool, “Item Updater” that is a Chome extension that handles all your batch processing needs.


This extension works like a charm!

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Thanks! That’s awesome :slight_smile:
Now my question is, what do I put as the values on the left hand side?
“Item Price” would seemingly just put all tiers to the same price? And I’ve tried writing in the separate tiers with item price, but it didn’t do anything. Also tried just typing in the tiers as the value, still no changes.

Makes you wonder why we pay that hefty author fee to envato and not to @EricSchwartz


To everyone, if you do use it, please do not forget to buy him a beer - it is the least you can do after his wizardry and programming skills has made your AJ life easier to manage.