Custom Price Templates

DEAR ENVATO: Please add an option to create personal CUSTOM PRICE TEMPLATES.

Like a custom Music Pack Price Template to by selected e.g. when uploading and setting my ADM prices.

All my packs with selected “Music Pack Price Template” will get the price scale $10/$20/$40/$80/$160 I have defined when creating this template.

So we can mass change prices and manage discounts on templates, not EVERY SINGLE TRACK !


Yes, we have been talking about this for a long time. The price template (discounts, and just prices) is convenient for mass price changes. It is needed both when uploading and when editing, and not only packs (this would save the author’s time from a few hours to 1 minute!).

Chose a price template, put green checkmarks near the items that are subject to price changes and clicked once with the mouse! It would be very convenient! :slightly_smiling_face:

But I see that Envato began to make really useful tools for authors. :+1: This makes me happy! :slightly_smiling_face: It would be nice if this and a couple of “pencils” were introduced (which we have already talked about repeatedly).

Yep. And a general batch edit tool with template system which is a must-have for a such big market.

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Agreed. It’s laughable that there isn’t some form of batch editing here on AJ. Going through every item in our portfolio to make the same changes (adding PRO info, pricing adjustments, Content ID, etc.) is quite literally an abuse of our time.