Set price for all items?

It would be nice to have a feature to change all items prices at once.
Is that possible?


As far I know this features not included in Envato Market. so not possible.


Hey there mate. Nope, you can only do this manually on each individual item. You cannot set the prices for all items, and we doubt this feature will ever arrive since it would be a bit awkward to define your entire work as the same price! :slight_smile:

hm… well, having a kind of “template” would not be awkward…
I always take the same example but… I have to enter my full composer time each time I upload a new track… I understand that in rare cases, an account is owned by a team of composers, but come on, for most of us, the composer is the same for all the tracks… but we still have to enter the value manually, no way to “template” or to pick the name from a list…

Why, though?

Having consistent pricing is not as awkward as having tracks with disparate prices. Some sort of bulk price editor would be a much needed feature indeed for those with hundreds of items.

Definitely useful for many files! You can’t edit 100 songs. And in songs you have similar prices, so its a must.

That’s strange. I can edit 170 files without a problem :slight_smile:

You can suggest it to Envato Help and Support, but I wouldn’t bet on it getting added.

There was an extension for Google (unofficial). @KakaduCreation used it, if I find this message, I will send it (somewhere in the depth of Sales Monitor Aj 2 messages).

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Hooray, I found it! :sunglasses: (but this extension Google (not official), I do not know how it works) Ask the @KakaduCreation (as I remember, she used it) !

Good luck!

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Yes it works. But you have to be careful. Perhaps no more than 10 tracks at a time. Then an error, too frequent access to the site. It is very uncomfortable.

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