bad service

MY account was hacked. i have several themes on my account. when i contacted them via help centre . i received one email and never received any again. I have chased them and still no response. this affected our busness badly

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I understand that they hacked your account, but do they hacked your email account also ?

You should be able to easily change your password

  1. If you use gmail, with phone confirmation, none can login without having your phone to validate
  2. When a user from a different country is logging into your account envato is sending a mail to check

So… take care!

I may have missed it, but what makes you think you’ve been hacked? Is there something that give you this impression, or can you just not login?

When a user name is changed and you get a confirmation that I had changed an ofcause Password not work.

Work out the maths

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t mentioned that the username had been changed. If somebody says “2+2=4. Please help!” then it’s pretty easy to work out the maths. When somebody says “4. Please help!” then you need a bit more to go on! :slightly_smiling:

I believe you understand English and u can read the trend