I purchased a WordPress theme then my account was blocked

Today i created a new accounts and purchased a wordpress and my email show successed. after that my account show to me is locked. I sent email to help but not received any reply.

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Envato Customer Success team will respond as soon as they get to your request in their ticket system. That depends on how many tickets they have at the moment. Here is useful article which explains why accounts get locked and what to do further.

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My boss need me finished the design of site before Saturday. it waste time and cost. i dont know why! and i submit in morning, now is evening, i still not get any reply!

I can understand all the problems you are facing at the moment, but only Envato Customer Success Team can reply to your ticket and that can take a couple of days depending on how many tickets they have before that request submitted by you. Moderators helping here are not staff, we are just authors volunteering and helping in this forum. Envato Customer Success Team will respond as soon as possible.

I’m dealing with the exact same thing right now. They will take forever to respond, and they’re going to tell you that their internal practices showed signs of something, and that they’re using their best judgement and not letting you back in.

Sorry, the customer service is baaaad.

We’ve been in business since 1970 with a 9 year old envato account here, with previous purchases, and this is how they treat us. I’ve asked to speak with a manager for verification, but they’re being super cryptic, and are just trying to ignore us.


  1. Contact Customer Support: Reach out to the customer support or helpdesk of the platform or website where you purchased the WordPress theme. Provide them with details about your account being blocked and any relevant purchase information.
  2. Review Terms and Conditions: Carefully review the terms and conditions of the platform or marketplace to understand any potential reasons for account suspension or restrictions. Ensure that you have adhered to their policies.
  3. Check Payment Status: Verify the payment status for your WordPress theme purchase. Ensure that the payment was processed successfully and that there are no issues with the transaction.
  4. Email Confirmation: Check your email for any notifications or messages from the platform regarding your account suspension or theme purchase. They may provide information on how to resolve the issue.
  5. Account Recovery: If your account was blocked due to a misunderstanding or mistake, inquire about the process for account recovery with the platform’s customer support.
  6. Payment Dispute: If you believe that your account was unfairly blocked or that you did not receive the purchased theme, consider initiating a payment dispute through your payment method provider (e.g., credit card company or PayPal) as a last resort.