Hello to all of you great Authors here,
first of all, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation, to be a part of this great Envato community.
I would like to thank Evato, for letting me being part as an composer and author here at Audio Jungle.
I’ve learned already a lot and this process is still ongoing for me…
Thanks a bunch to all participants in this fantastic forum, with all your professional advices, given by numerous great authors here.
I’m personally still not a “high selling author” yet and YES, at this very moment it’s absolutely not easy to make a living out of it, caused by many factors, which has been already discussed a thousand times here in the forum, like price dumping, oversaturation of the entire marked e.t.c
There is one thing which turned out very positive for me though, since i had ticked that “Available for Freelance” button.
In the last 6 month I received request as a freelancer from clients… also Singer and Songwriters, asking me to mix, master, arrange, writing entire string orchestration parts, or even entire songs for them against an agreed budged.
So I would like to encourage anyone here to try this out… and again big thanks to ENVATO to make this active as per your choice on our profile.
For sure I will NOT STOP uploading new tracks on my profile page to increase my portfolio in any Genre.
Hope this will help someone out there in the “WILD JUNGLE” to survive this hard time we all going through at the moment.
Stay save & sound and GOOD LUCK to all of you great creative Authors.
Musically Yours…!


It’s nice to hear the positive words, @TiggiMusic - we need them most of all in times like these!

Continued success to you! :beers: :tada:

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Also want to say that thanks to AudioJungle , more and more people began to invite me to collaborate. They also offer various tours, worldwide distribution of my music, live events, label deals, etc. I am very pleased that people from London, Canada and Japan and other various countries and cities, are interested in my music! Thank’s Envato! :handshake:
This is very motivating! :paw_prints: