Author Level 6! Thank you!


Finally! :tada:

6 Paw and well… 2028 sales. Not a round number, but we are happy anyway! :smile:

We want to say thank you to:
Envato for this great opportunity to be a part of your amazing market,

To all our dear buyers for being with us and enjoying our music,

To Videohive authors who picked our music for their stunning projects,

And to all the authors for creating this beautiful friendly community and sharing your talented works with whole world! We are proud to be surrounded by such inspiring people who produce top-level sound, video projects, photos, graphics, 3d models, sites and other cool things. People from Envato and all of you made this huge, serious and competitive market!

Thank you all for being here!


Congrats! :champagne:


Wowww amazing, congrats for that!! :smile:


Congrats! Very cool! :+1:


Big Congrats! Awesome work! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Congrats!


Well done! Congratulations!


@Hyperprod @FASSounds @LuckyBlackCat @Korolkov @MorningLightMusic @MusicBoxStudios

Thanks a lot guys!!


Congrats,well done :smile:


Congratulations AT! Great milestone that you achieved :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Awesome result! :grinning:


Congrats, AudioTrend! Now go for elite! :slight_smile:


Wow! Congrats!!


Congrats with this achievement!


@MusicDog @MidnightSnap @Luca_Clerici @AurusAudio @AtagoSounds @LumenMedia

Thank you so very much! Very pleasant to hear your kind words :slight_smile:


Awesome AudioTrend! Congratulations! :slight_smile:


Congrats :wink:


Congratulations mate :wink:


Congrats :smiley:
Btw, it’s the first time I see this effect :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats on your achievement!