Elite Author! Thanks Envato.


Today is an amazing day. I started my career on audiojungle 28 months ago with 20 tracks composed for learn to use my first daw (logic) and without any experience in the library music world or selling music online. In the first months on audiojungle I had a lot of hard and soft rejects, and very low sales. But following some great tips from others authors on this community and listening the best sellers, with a lot of patience and discipline (working at least 8 hours at day) I began to see how grow my sales.

I just want to say thanks to god, Envato, buyers, fellows and all the people involve in my success (as my wife and all his patience in my first months on audiojungle :wink: ) I´m really happy because this is like a dream come true, I really love to wake up each morning, turn on my study and sit at the piano to compose a new track in tranquility and comfort of my home.

Absolutely grateful! :slight_smile:




Congrats…E-soundtrax!!! :slight_smile:


Congratulations @E-soundtrax! Always good to hear success stories on here :smiley:


Happy for you friend. So much time to learn and go to the goal. I see similarities I recently wrote 3 months lived in the studio for 10-12 hours, and now I see great progress. Good luck in the future and health of you and your family.
Don’t stop.


Congratulations, E! Keep it up and good luck on your way to level 8! :slight_smile:


Congrats :smiley: could you tell us more about your growthhacking tricks? :wink:




Congrats! Great step in your carrier here!


Congratulations E! Well-deserved milestone. Wonderful statement of passion for what you love doing :slight_smile:


Congrats! :slight_smile:


Big big big congrats! That is great!


Brilliant news - well done to you! :slight_smile:


Congrats E-soundtrax! Well deserved success :sunglasses:


Congrats!!! :slight_smile:


Awesome news! Well deserved, E-soundtrax! Congratulations!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, I appreciate it :wink:

Really nothing that has not been said before, upload around 4-6 tracks at month, external promotion (I use Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook), I´m not a specialist in corporate music so I’ve had more success in others genres as cinematic, documentary music or christmas music :slight_smile: but the most important thing is to be constant, grow your portfolio, quick advice to your customers or followers in your social pages, positive aptitude, patience and enjoy your work :wink:


Big congrats @E-soundtrax!


Congratulations! :slight_smile:


Wow, keep it up, man!