Auto Chat, Unique Project, Rejected by quality standard, need feedback

Hello everyone, few days ago i tried for a first time to upload my project.

How i seen it was unique project, but i got rejected with message:

This item has a nice concept, but doesn’t feature the required functionality and features to be approved as a premium item. Consider expanding the feature set here.

I am not sure, on what they think about, so i need help from all of you guys.
Thank you.

Admin panel:
Pass: admin

If you wish to see how the projects are created, there’s at each project test button in the box so you can test chat directly from panel.
Here’s a website which shows active project through chat (this one shall be implemented at the website only jquery code).

My documentation is poor, but at least i wrote all things inside of it:

Thanks to everyone, all help is needed…
Am i missing something?

Forgot to notify, all has been maded through PHP no frameworks used, also jQuery/Javascript, MySQL, HTML & CSS

Please rate the project in the comment:
1 - 10 : where 1 is lowest, 10 is highest.
please leave also some comment what could be done, what should be fixed (if you have any).

Here is a tool for you to make your documentation


There should be a setting like if someone responds no, He or she will be redirected to a agent or person that would be cool.

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Thank you for the replay.

It was in future plans to make also few other things on button click, like:
follow the link, and
start the live chat with person.

Thanks for documentation and feedback mate!

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Its always great to help me fellow authors!