ChatGPT for website hard rejected

Thought this could be a trendy/needy script to sell. But got hard rejected:

Any feedback will be highly appreciated.

It’s certainly a cool idea and the implementation is well done, although I was unable to actually test the chatbot because, well… :sweat_smile:

Refused to display ‘’ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘sameorigin’.

I think it’s a bit too simple though. There’s a lot of potential for an item like this – so many features you could add, so many directions you can take it. Think about how an actual business may use it, what kind of flexibility they may want from it, and what type of features they’ll need from it.

All we have here at the moment is basically a ChatGPT wrapper with some training and prompts you can’t finely control and no way to contact a human (so will users realistically need two different chat widgets on their site to succeed? one for ChatGPT and one for humans?)

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

The embed code is fixed. It was due to some Nginx setting.

Building a ChatGPT wrapper using embedding is a non-trivial job, that’s why we built this. Unfortunately it seems CC does not look it the same way.