I need review for my item is has been rejected

**Chat Room Pro - Responsive PHP/AJAX Chat For Web And Mobile

Demo :http://realdate.in/ChatRoomPro/

why my item has been rejected ?

waiting for reply

Did the reviewer give you any reason in your rejection message?

If I had to guess, I would say the item was rejected because there are already some other chatroom scripts available on CodeCanyon with similar features. You will need to find many unique features to give you an edge over the others.

For example, say you included an optional Node.js server with your script which used socket.io. Buyers can still opt for the default slow and resource-heavy PHP/AJAX alternative; but you would also provide an optional, real server with sockets for buyers who need speed and efficiency.

That is an example of an “edge” over existing AJAX chat rooms, though I’m not necessarily saying that this alone will be enough to get approved.

I can think of some other features as well – themes, chat commands, browser push notifications for private messages, and a web app manifest which will let users add the chat room as an app on their mobile device.