Author using my sfx sounds and re-selling

Without naming names here, I have had an issue in the past with an author (with more than one account) who has used my sounds, pitched slightly differently and marketing them as their own sfx. I know my own sounds and hear the exact same reverb and tail off. I filed a complaint with Envito to make them take down the sound but obviously the person is still doing this to me and probably other artists.

Has anyone else found this and more importantly, what can be done as the author obviously isn’t bothered enough to stop doing it ?

I work hard to get my sounds and with falling sales this kind of practice should be dealt with firmly.

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I’ve noticed some authors posting stuff I recognize from other libraries with minor changes. I think it’s definitely too easy to get away with.

I try to look out for it personally but haven’t been affected.

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This is why I get angry when high quality stuff is rejected and yet some clown comes along and copies, quite poorly with less quality rendering, your work and gets accepted. There is a QC issue here as well as authors being allowed multiple accounts. it’s killing creativity and more importantly, taking away sales for something undeserved.

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A few of my sounds are copied by other authors too (sections before or after the watermark). I now choose to ignore them. I lose some dollars and don’t help my colleagues with this attitude, but I don’t have the patience to go after robbers. With hundreds of files added every weeks, I think I could go crazy trying it.

But sometimes, it’s tricky to know what’s going on for sure. For example, some of my own sounds (very basic bells, xylophone ding, etc) are very close to other fx by other companies. Someone could think that I just messed with filters and pitch or whatnot, but they’re not from the same source. So, the line between similar and copy is thin sometimes. A bit like your “pop” sfx, I can hear hundreds like it, but I’m sure it’s your own. (I hate those kind of sounds, actually, but all things “bell” and “pop” is selling regularly and I need the cash).

That said, I often hear very clear cases of copy (let’s say a multi-stages evolving sound or a motor running with very strong characteristics, etc), people think that by slowing them or pitching up, no one will notice, but I often do. A recent example I heard is a “car alarm” (two sfx posted a few weeks apart who clearly are from the same source). One is pitched up or down, I don’t remember, but that’s about it.

Audiojungle could probably do more, but I’m not sure what exactly. There’s already a reporting procedure in place, etc. Also, reviewers can’t know all the sounds by memory or have the time to do analyzes…

So I think it comes down to: do you think it’s worth your time and efforts to do something about it?

One protection is to upload complex sounds (easily spotted in case of copy), but those often gather dust after low or zero sales…

Then, there are all the other external cases of copyright infringements to deal with. I typed “Nonzerobot” on google a few months ago and found many of my Audiojungle sounds selling elsewhere except I don’t get a single penny for those sales. It just never end…

Edit: I should try to do more about this. Maybe I’ll find the motivation to act at some point.

I see what you mean but I think when I am losing sales, especially as this “author” is one of the most high ranking audio sfx artists, I feel it’s worth pursuing. At least let him know I have my eye on him. If AJ was a fair platform I wouldn’t complain so much but it’s like the wild west.

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About the case you submitted privately to me, I can hear a similitude, yes, but can’t tell for sure if it is a steal. That said, you must know your sounds better than I do and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the case, because it sure happen.

…maybe not as wild as the wild west, but I stumble on more suspect cases than when I joined 2 years ago…

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@Marbury-Media stealing samples can be easily proven. Write to Envato, send them DMCA, write that you can make comparison. They should delete those accounts or they can ask you for comparison (change your sounds in similar way like the thief did so they can hear this). I had problem with guy sampling my track and they banned all his accounts. He was also on other markets, but I found him and other stocks banned him too.

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I did just that, DMCA filed and they took the track off the site but the person was allowed to continue here and indeed is the one who still steals my work. I did try and put it to support that the culprit is not really delt with but nothing came of it.


Like I mentioned earlier, I can’t be sure about the case you shared with me, but I decided to keep an eye open.

I won’t go hunting through the whole site, but you reminded me that my laziness about this subject will not help my small business over the long term. So, I began to reconsider my position after your post. Thanks.