Where do we draw the line? (copy paste of songs)

This has been on my mind for a while now, and i really do wonder what you fine lads and gals think of this.

I have stumbled upon a few authors who have been copying their own songs, shifting the tempo a bit, or a note here and there and call it a “new” song.
One new author in particular has 3 epic songs, the famous 4 chords, same instruments, same structure, just a tiny difference and they are accepted as new songs.

In my opinion, this is completely unfair to those who try and create something fresh and new and are working hard, instead of copy/pasting their work and try to make a quick buck as soon as possible… saturating the marketplace, and lowering the standard and quality.

I understand that some templates work well, and you take it from there… but a simple copy/paste plus a tiny change does not seem fair and legit. Am i alone here or is this frowned upon by others as well?


I agree. What you described is beyond the line of being responsible. I do think use of templates to get the sound combination or grabbing a used rhythm track to get a similar vibe started in a new track is a reasonable use of today’s tools to build a track. What you described is blatantly irresponsible behavior that is unhealthy for this business.


Yep, this practice is rife on Audiojungle, and in library music in general. If that’s all someone wants to do why don’t they get a normal job and stop pretending they make music for a living.


It’s super frustrating! I’ve seen it too.

It’s one of those things that would be almost impossible to prevent though. Envato doesn’t have the time or resources to check for it. I guess there could be a community reporting system, but that can be tricky as well.

I’ve spotted some pretty blatant examples of this sort of practice too. It must be hard for the reviewers to check for this kind of thing, but personally I think we should be encouraged to report any possible cases we come across to support (but not call out authors on forums obviously) and a hard line ought to be taken with the perpetrators.

As a suggestion, it might be good if when new authors set up an account they are sent a friendly welcome e-mail that also spells out some of the rules (e.g. no cloning other author’s tracks or your own, no self-purchasing etc.). That way no one can say they didn’t realise it wasn’t allowed.


Yeah this is good point. I think it’s not so good to copy own songs with small changing. There is no creativity on this just manufacturing.


This is an actual problem @RobertSlump. If Envato encourages reporting such actions, I believe this would be the solution to reduce the copy-paste authors.

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You have a point. It should be the authors pride not to do such a thing. Reporting others however is not really the way to go. Maybe some sort of periodic overall review of the portfolio is a thing to consider. Maybe a small suggestion from AJ in wich direction an author could develop it’s portfolio.
But when I’m writing this I also feel that this could be too much interference with the authors creativity.
So I don’t know how to solve this point.

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I have just found another shady and sketchy portfolio, 60 items like “that epic”, “for epic”, “a epic” etc…
90% of the portfolio is the same song, just a few notes shifted here and there (aka variations)… and he has files that are trending with this shady way of working.

Even the WAV forms look like each other lol… come on, is this the way we and audiojungle want to work?
Everyone can just clone his/her track and upload 3-5 variations a day… this way you have a HUGE presence in the marketplace and a way bigger chance to get sales. but you are still selling variations seperately. And offcourse, you are pushing the more honest and creative authors to the side.

What can we do? @KingDog anyone else? I am not going to report anyone since i believe that is not the way to solve this, but there has got to be a way to prevent this way of working, right? wrong?

I can easily reveal 50+ accounts who copy/paste their corporate tracks to death (with almost no changes). Same tracks, same description, same tags…This makes me sad…

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hah, i did not even think about corporate tracks… just had a look in the cinematic genre.

I can use same instruments for corporate tracks from time to time, but i always start from scratch and trying to improve it. And i write a lot of unique ambient and electronic stuff.

But some people are literally change 2-3 notes and that’s it.

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That’s because some people are doing this audiojungle thing to make a living (you can count in all countries with low standard of life,that is to the right of Germany). And some people are doing this for fun (count in most people from so called “western world” ).
So as much as they (low standards) get on your nerves with their methods be sure that you (western people) go even more on their nerves with easy life that you have in general. So just ‘live and let others live’…
Just my opinion… probably wrong…

But this could ruin the whole place in the long term, so it would be impossible to make a living here…

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Well…I didn’t say it wouldn’t :slight_smile:

Uuuups… perhaps we try to remain on the carpet of reality?
I am living in the Philippines 9 to 10 months per year, which is - if I am not wrong - quite at the very “right of Germany” on the map (to quote your words). Most of the people in this country - including me - live on a rather “low standart” (if I may quote your words again). I am running a small recording studio here in Palawan. I don’t know in what country you are living. But here there are so many, many talented musicians and composers. And copy-and-paste is a no go for them. Having said this, I assume the behaviour you are mentioning is not a question of origin. Nor is it a question of cheesy survival tactics. It’s a question of character. Just as it is a question of character to play the East against the West.


Spot on @BluePaw BluePaw… It just seems that some authors have absolutely no pride and confidence in their music.
Sure it makes money, but how long can you last? And will clients respect someone who does this?

Again, i have no clue how to resolve this, but i do know it is destroying the marketplace, and destroying the chances of authors who do not practice these cheap tactics.


When i said to the right of Germany I was referring to Eastern Europe, I don’t know much about Philipines and Asia in general…and the guy in question is from that general area

The particular guy you are talking about is by no means destroying the marketplace-he sold every one of his ‘template’ songs 10+ times. Which is success if you ask me (there thousends upon thousends of songs that didn’t sell once).
Having said that,i admit I don’t like similar tactics either but he does what he thinks is best for him and he is earning money for Envato too.

I said “it is destroying the marketplace” Metro…

And by it, i mean the huge amount of authors who use these cheap tactics…
and yes, it is destroying the marketplace, or maybe damaging is the correct word.
It cheapens the marketplace, it oversaturates the marketplace, it lessens the chances for more honest authors to get sales, etc.