Author statistics by year

I wonder if there are statistics on AJ authors?
For example, how many of us were there in 2019 and how many are there now?

There are 24,026 authors now with at least 1 sale. Can’t see authors with 0 sales.

In 2019, on May 19th, there were around 19,650 authors with at least 1 sale.

2019-2024 - increase by about 22%. Probably more in reality since sales are harder to get now.

In 2016 (as far back as I can check on Wayback Machine), there were around 13,300 authors with at least 1 sale.

2016-2024 - increase by about 81%.

2016-2019 - increase by about 48%.

We can also look at the number of tracks.

In 2016 (May 22nd) there were 234,328 tracks.

Today, there are around 808,000.

In 2019 (May 26th) there were 510,093 tracks.

Interesting to see that the growth in number of tracks between 2016-2019 (3 years), and 2019-2024 (5 years) was roughly the same.

So, to sum up, authors are submitting fewer tracks (or reviews are stricter).

And the increase in the number of authors with at least 1 sale has dropped quite a lot from 48% 2016-2019, to 22% 2019-2024.

Or, in absolute numbers: 4,376 authors more with 1 sale from 2019-2024, vs. 6,350 authors more with 1 sale from 2016-2019.

876 per year vs. 2117 per year.

Not strange since they stopped new authors from applying a while back…


Thank you so much for the comprehensive answer and detailed statistics! Indeed, this is interesting!

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