How many active AJ users right now?

Am just curious how many active audiojungle authors are working? and how many reviewers are active on AudioJungle?

Can someone tell me this.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

My guess would be less than 500 authors and less than 10 reviewers.

With about 20 000 authors having sold at least one track, I doubt there are only 500 active authors these days.

Would you consider yourself an active author? You can see your AJ ranking in your fun facts box in your dashboard. You’ll see that your ranking is much higher than 500.

Hi @YummyInk!
I’m curious, why do you need such information? :sweat_smile:
What do you mean by “active audiojungle authors”? :sweat_smile:
Maybe you are a representative from another audio stock (competitor Envato)? :smile:
Who is actively selling or who is actively working and uploading tracks? Or how many sells or how many loads per month? This statistics is known only to Envato and very few people (or no one at all) will tell you about it (as this is confidential and closed information).
The total number of “+1 sale” authors in an AudioJungle today is 19498, you can always watch it here.

No, I wouldn’t consider myself active. By active I meant people who upload at least once a week. People who do it as a full time job.

Well… I consider myself as an “active” , but I think people has ups and downs. Maybe there is people who needs some break to rest a little bit. Although active, I’m in this point right now … to do my personal learning and then come back with fresh new ideas (if they are approved :sweat_smile:)
Good luck to all! :smiley:

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